Blog Sale

Hello! I'm holding a beauty blog sale. Im selling items that are either new or slightly used. Im really just selling them for some extra cash and if im not using them why let them set around and expire?? Someone should get some good use from them if i cant!!

Important Info

  • PayPal is required to buy. I will send an invoice to the email you provide. It will be in my husbands name, Joe Baker - so dont be confused lol
  • Payment must be received in 24 hrs.
  • U.S. Residents ONLY
  • Please make sure you realize that you are either buying a new or possibly used item, all items sold as-is. 
  • No returns or refunds. Sale is final.
  • Prices not negotiable. 
  • Flat rate shipping of $3 per order.
  • $15 purchase minimum - means you have to buy AT LEAST $15 worth of product. I do this because it really isnt worth it to ship a tiny amount of items.
  • Read pictures (below) for info and prices.
  • If you have questions comment on THIS POST. If you have a private question or want to purchase something you would like to ask please email me at
  • My address and information will be given to you in private when you agree to purchase items only.
  • First-come first-serve basis.. i will not hold or reserve items for anyone.
  • If you're interested in buying ($15 minimum and $3 shipping - please remember) list the items in detail along with price and send your list, name, address and preferred method of payment to
Thank you for checking out my blog and blog sale!!!

Form (if Interested) send to
email address

Items wanted

Any comments or questions?: 

As items are bought, photos will be removed.

If interested shades from L to R will be referred to as:
top row (orange - black) bottom row (green - pink)


  1. Hey im interested in ur blog sale xoxoxox

  2. i dont know if you still have the sale???