Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mix Your Own Foundation Shade!

If you've ever had a foundation that just didn't match, you need to read this post! For those of you who regularly read my posts, you'll know a while back i bought the new Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the lightest shade possible for me, and it was still way too pink/warm for my skin tone. I also have a L'Oreal TrueMatch foundation that was way too light and too drying on my skin. I have been thinking a lot about how to fix these two products in order to continue using them and not waste any money - i found it!!
A while back at WalMart i found these two cute little travel bottles hanging from the side of an aisle. It comes with one pump bottle, and one squirt bottle for $1.99. At first i had no use for them i just figured at some point they would come in handy and i was right! lol. *I plan to use the squirt bottle to make a homemade brush cleanser. I will do a full review & pics along w/ a recipe for that soon!*
Mixing Your Own Foundation
  1. Make sure you have an empty pump or pour bottle ready to use. They can be bought in the travel-size section in the beauty aisles at your local drugstore and are usually very cheap.
  2. Take two foundations that don't exactly match you, but you think would work well together. I chose these two shades and mixed a tiny amount together before dumping them in the bottle to make sure they made a nice shade. This may take a few tries.
  3. When you've figured out how much of each shade you need - wether it's ½ and ½ or ¾ to ¼ of each foundation - begin slowly pouring them into the empty bottle. Do not pour them in all at once.
  4. When the bottle is about ¼ of the way full begin to shake the bottle to mix to two shades and see if you're happy with the results. If you are - continue pouring the same way. If you aren't - try mixing in different amounts to balance it out until you have it right.
  5. Once you've balanced the two shades and you're happy with the results, fill the bottle up as much as you can. Shake it and mix the two shades together and you're done!!
  6. Shake well before each use.
Luckily i only needed to mix equal parts of my two shades so i basically dumped the entire bottle of Fit Me into the pump bottle and then dumped the entire bottle of TrueMatch ontop of and then shook it to mix them. The shade is still a tad light for me but its MUCH better than the others were by themselves. Because the Fit Me was too pink and a tad too oily and the TruMatch was too dry and too light, they mixed together very well!! Overall im happy with the results and i used the foundation directly after mixing them and it fit me great!
If you try this or have tried this in the past please let me know how it worked out for you, or if you did anything differently! :) Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make Your Own Brush Cleanser!!

Click to enlarge.

A couple months ago on Luuux I showed you how to mix your own foundation shades as well as foundation tips & tricks for your skin type and i promised i would do another post on how to make your own daily spot cleanser for makeup brushes - so here it is! :) This is not a deep cleanser, it will only remove surface dirt and products from brushes.

You Will Need
1 cup distilled water
¼ cup isopropyl alcohol
1 tablespoon baby shampoo

Mixing Ingredients & Using Cleanser
  1. Mix all ingredients into an air-tight container with a lid.
  2. Pour into any size spray bottle - mine is pretty small but yours can be large.
  3. If any is left over, store in the refrigerator.
  4. Now that you have some in your spray bottle, tilt back and forth to gently mix products.
  5. Spray 2-3 squirts onto a clean folded paper towel.
  6. Rub your makeup brush back and forth onto the wet paper towel to spot cleanse your brush.
  7. When finished, shape brushes immediately then store brushes laying down until completely dry.
Thats it, it's so simple! If you need a deep cleanser for your brushes just mix 1 cup water and a couple tablespoons of baby shampoo in a small bowl and swish brushes around until they're clean. Rinse thoroughly and shape, then store lying down until they're completely dry. Or you could try E.L.F. Brush Shampoo, $3 sold at Target and

Thanks for reading, i hope this helped! Please comment and follow! :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

NOTD: Free Zoya Polish!

This is my very first Zoya nail polish, ever! I won it for free in a sweepstakes they had on their Facebook page a while back. I got to choose any shade from their new Smoke & Mirrors Collections.
I chose Neeka, which is a medium purple with golden shimmer.
1 coat AVON Silk Wrap
2 coats Zoya - Neeka
1 coat Seche Vite
This is opaque with one generous coat but i always like to do two thin coats instead because i feel like i get more even coverage that way. Although it is formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor free it still has a very strong chemical-like smell which i did not like. I dont really own any other polishes that are as potent as this one but the formula itsself is amazing. Quick drying, opaque, and easy to apply. The brush was alright, nothing special.
Overall im pleased with this but as you can see its definitely a Fall polish so i will probably wait to wear it again until the seasons turn. Thanks for reading!

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Fair/Light

I bought this foundation a few weeks ago at CVS. It's originally $14.79 but thanks to extra bucks and a coupon for this i got it for $8.79.
Fair/Light is the lightest foundation shade in the Custom Creations line, but you can actually dial-up 5 different shade combinations with this which i think is great. I always have a hard time getting a foundation that matches my skin because they're typically too pink for my light skin w/ olive undertones. This foundation, however, takes the guesswork out of shade matching!
I have my Revlon Custom Creations foundation dialed on #2. It's obviously just one step darker than Ivory but its about right for me ATM. Im sure once Summer is over and im a tad more tan i may be up to #3 or #4.
5 different shade combinations from one foundation
pump bottle
bottle mixes shades for you, obviously
even though you get 5 shade combos per bottle, their are still a few different bottles to choose from which gives you ALOT of shades
matte finish
not greasy at all
feels super light
medium coverage
$14.79 is a bit steep for a drugstore foundation but worth it b/c u get five shades. Buying 5 other foundations shades alone would be alot more expensive.
I would not recommend this for someone with dry skin, as the foundation has a matte powdery finish and may make you look even drier. (to fix this you could mix a squirt w. a bit of your favorite moisturizer)
Needs to have more product in it. I have only used this roughly 5x and there's only 3/4 of the product left already.
Overall i am loving this! Which is alot for me to say because i have so many issues with foundation. I have at least 6 in my makeup collection right now that i cant even use b/c the shade or formula is so wrong for me. If you have combination-oily skin & you like matte finishes this foundation would be GREAT for you!
● Tips For Applying Foundation:
If you have acne scarring, active pimples, or red spots/blemishes try mixing a pea-sized amount of your favorite foundation w/ a pea-sized amount of your favorite moisturizer and apply it to face like a tinted moisturizer.
Once it's on apply a green concealer to reduce redness, then a regular concealer - pat around edges once it's dry to blend into skin.
Next, apply your foundation as usual (i.e. with a brush, sponge, etc). Doing this gives me extra coverage when i have a hormonal breakout and zaps any redness.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Comparison: Favorite Blushes and Highlighters

Today i want to show you a few of my favorite blushes and highlighters. They range in price, size, and brand but they're all great quality and have individual purposes for me. I'm not going to do full reviews because by clicking the links below you can check out my full review for each product. Please comment, like, and follow :)
#1 Benefit High Beam
This is just a beautiful liquid highlighter. I like to use it anytime i want a healthy glow on my cheeks. It can be blended out super sheer, or put on a little heavier for more pigmentation - but it NEVER feels greasy or heavy on your face. Love it.
Full Review:
#2 Victoria's Secret Radiant Face Trio in Captivate
This trio comes with a pink blush, medium bronzer, and white highlighter in a pretty leopard print pattern. In my opinion it would suit almost all skin tones and its great for giving cheeks a pink flush & healthy glow. As you can see from the swatch (all shades swirled together) the color payoff is great and it turns out as a pretty bronzey-pink shimmer.
Full Review:
#3 Mark. Touch & Glow Shimmer Cubes
These cute little multi-colored cubes are cream but turn to powder when applied to face. You can blend them all for a bronze glow (shown in swatch) or use separate ones for different shades which makes this compact super customizable.
Full Review:
#4 Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Score
This is one of my all-time favorite blushes. It gives you a beautiful peachy-pink glow. It has a golden peach sheen - NOT shimmer. I can assure you there is zero sparkle, glitter, or shimmer in this blush - just a sheen. I like this so much i use it more than all of my other blush's and highlighters.
Full Review:
#5 NARS Deep Throat
I won this in a contest on and while i wanted Orgasm for a looong time i am so glad i got Deep Throat instead! Its basically like Urban Decay Score without the shimmer (can you see that from the swatches?). The base colors are the same but Score has that pretty golden sheen. So when i don't want that sheen i use Deep Throat instead :)
Full Review:
#6 Benefit Georgia
This is meant to be a highlighter - NOT a peach blush. I know tons of people get that confused but i promise its intended purpose is a highlighter, lol. In the swatch i applied Georgia in several layers to build up the color so you could see what it looks like. When applied lightly it gives a nice sheen to cheeks and face.
Full Review:
Well, thats all! Those are 6 of my favorite and most used blushes and highlighters. I actually don't even the rest of the ones in my collection because i love these so much. Please checkout the full reviews if you're interested.

Friday, August 26, 2011

LUSH Cosmetics Haul!

This is definitely not my first LUSH haul, lol. After making this order i checked my online account with and it turns out i have made over 20 orders in the past two years. Not to mention a couple trips to the store (which is 2 freakin hours away!). My husband and I are both pretty addicted to LUSH. They dont just sell stuff thats really innovative and great smelling, but its also good for you AND the environment. If you have sensitive skin, like pampering yourself, or just like being eco-friendly this is the perfect store for you!
Usually when i do a LUSH haul i always pick up a shampoo bar, soaps, and shower gels. Since i have way too much of that stuff already in my LUSH Stash i decided to get some bath bombs, bath melts, and emotibombs this time! :)
Bath Bombs
  1. Hot Java -- this is a hot pink spicy bath bomb thats meant to warm you up and soothe your muscles. If you ask me it smells a little fruity and spicy at the same time (like cinnamon) and actually has real cinnamon sticks added in!
  2. Softy -- this is a light pink bath bomb scented like fresh flowers and its stuffed with real rose petals which will come out when the bomb dissolves! Its made with rose, ylang ylang, and lavender oils which give it it's great scent and soften the water.
Bath Melts
  1. "MMM" Melting Marshmallow Moment -- this cute pink bath melt is actually pretty large and smells very sweet & a little musky at the same time. Its really intoxicating and relaxing but the best part is that is SERIOUSLY softens your skin and makes your bath water like silk.
  2. Floating Island -- this is the same size and shape as MMM but its white and smells like lemon and sandalwood. Also very soothing and relaxing plus it does incredible things for your skin. Bath melts are amazing!
  1. Up You Gets -- oval shaped bomb meant for use in the shower. Just put it directly under the flow of your water and it will dissolve and become amazingly fragrant. This one smells like fruit loops (or Sexy Peel soap).
  2. Sex In The Shower -- this one smells very floral and pretty with a touch of fruit in there somewhere. Very sexy and seductive! I love this scent, i cant wait to try it. These are my first Emotibomb purchases :)
  1. Lemony Flutter -- i have a full size tub of this but i couldnt resist getting a travel size one for only $2.95 considering the big one is $13. This is actually a pretty decent size and considering a little goes a very long way with this product it'll be perfect for carrying in my purse. Smells like lemon sugar :)
  2. Ice Blue Soap -- minty and refreshing, this is a bright blue soap that cools the skin and gets it squeaky clean. This is more of a "manly" scent if you ask me but some women may like it. This was free.
  3. 13 Soap (Unlucky For Dirt) -- i have been wanting to try this for a while. Its an antibacterial soap that smells very clean like a typical bar of soap and is called the "cleansing herbal warrior" by LUSH. Made with fresh herbs and rose petal infusion. Also free.
Well thats it! I remember the first time my husband and I ever went into a LUSH store... we spent around $280, lol. It was pretty ridiculous but we got so many amazing things. All together this order cost me about $47 which isnt too bad because i can get multiple uses from everything except the two bath bombs. I like to break bubbles bars, bath melts, and emotibombs into 2-3 pieces and use them like that instead of all at once. You still get the same effect, you're just wasting less and getting more for your money :)
I seriously cannot wait to try out these products!! Thanks for reading! Check out my lush tumblr for tons of reviews done by me :)
    Photos are mine, do not use. Please comment, like and follow

EOTD + Review: I Got Good Jeans


I bought this trio a few weeks or so ago in a Rite-Aid haul and while blues arent really my thing i found it easy to make an eye look suitable for me using this trio anyways! :)
  1. Apply a primer like UDPP to lids.
  2. Shade the dark blue shadow into creases and blend out.
  3. Sweep the light blue shadow all over lids.
  4. Line top lashline with the dark lue shadow.
  5. Line bottom lashline & highlight browbone with the gold shadow.
  6. Using a med-large fluff brush pick up some of the gold shadow on your brush and gently swirl all over lids & crease to soften and diffuse blue. This will also give it a light hint of shimmery gold.
  7. Apply your favorite black liner to waterlines and black mascara to lashes!
Surprisingly i liked this trio alot even though blues dont suit me well (on my eyes). As always with Wet N Wild eyeshadows this trio was super pigmented and soft, which you can see from the swatches. Plus theyre affordable at only $2.99 each. Im so excited that the new ones came out! I havent seen them yet though :(
Not sure how often I will use this trio but im sure it will come in handy sometimes! Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

I bought this primer 2-3 months ago at CVS for upwards of $14 (i cant remember the exact price). It comes in a nice glass jar with a wide mouth so its easy to get fingers in there. I have a love/hate relationship with this base, i'll explain below.
high quality packaging
definitely absorbs all oil and shininess from skin
doesnt make dry areas look drier
makes makeup last longer
makes skin feel very soft like silk
a little goes a long way, so one jar should last a while
packaging ensures you'll get 100% of it out, unlike tubes where some can be left behind.
Price is steep for a drugstore product but since it lasts so long its worth buying this rather than getting a high end one instead.
alot thicker than a gel face primer
a little hard to blend all over face
feels heavy on my face sometimes - but not super heavy, just a little
clogged my pores first time i used it and i did have a small breakout, but i havent had one since
You can see from the last two photos it is quite pigmented before blending (photo #3), and after blending it is completely invisible (photo #4).
To Use: When i apply this to my face i put a tiny dab on my finger tip and apply to small areas at a time then repeat the process until my face is done. I do not take a big glob and attempt to blend all over my face at once - it wont work this way for me. If i do that the product tends to stick to certain areas and it becomes hard to blend out.
The first time i tried this was in Walgreens, they had a tester out so i swiped a little on the top of my hand and i thought "OMG this is amazing!<" but i still held off on buying because i really liked my Revlon gel face primer (still do). This stuff definitely makes a nice matte soft base for foundation and will help them last longer w/o any 'melting' or wearing off but it does have its downsides. Im still not sure if i love it, or just like it a little but im going to continue to use it until its gone so i dont waste my money.

NOTD: China Glaze Heli-Yum

China Glaze - Heli-Yum

2 coats w/ Seche Vite as a topcoat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink


I had a hard time getting my hands on one of these, but luckily Rite-Aid pretty much has everything lol. They also had the new L.E. blushable creme sticks (gold and bronze) and while i was tempted to grab one as a creme bronzer i decided not to in the end, but i should have! These are about $2-3 each.
This is NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink.
How I Apply It: Usually i rub this lightly onto the top of my Ecotools Duo Fibre Finishing Brush then apply it to cheeks for sheer buildable coverage. If i want it to be more pronounced, i use my finger.
powdery finish
isnt sticky
easy to use
travel friendly
comes in a decent shade range
Hard to find for alot of people.
Ooohh i love this! Now they just need to make a peach one for me lol. My favorite part about these is the fact that it immediately turns to powder on skin - its amazing! Its so great i actually forget this is a cream blush, lol and really i dont even think of it that way anymore. These are super great and if you can find them i would deifnitely suggest you check them out!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before & After: Sally Hansen Simple Spa At-Home Waxer

I have been wanting to try this new portable at home waxer for face & body from Sally Hansen ever since i saw some TV ads about it a few weeks ago. I received a coupon for $3 off in my email, and coincidentally i also received $4 in Extra Bucks, and $5 in Beauty Rewards from CVS around the same time so i knew i had to go pick this up!
This retails for $20.99 which is a great price in my opinion (with or without coupons). You get a lot of wax, wood sticks, and complete instructions. The waxer itself is small and compact and very travel friendly - the cord winds up into the bottom for easier storage/travel. I needed a tiny amount of wax for my eyebrows, which is the only area i plan to use this on, so the tin of wax included in this will last me a VERY long time!
Portable, small so its easy to store
Comes with almost* everything you need
No cotton strips needed, just pull wax off
Wax has no smell
Works amazingly well (a few hairs were left but even that happens at the salon)
Easy to find - most drugstores already carry it
Cheaper than salon quality waxers
Great for at home
Can be used on face AND body
Wax tin that is included is more than enough!
Wax tin fits tightly into heater
Outside of heater doesnt get super hot
Took almost 40 minutes to heat up (instructions say it takes 25)
Smallest wood sticks aren't small enough for eyebrows, they need to be thinner
*Doesn't come with a soothing oil for post-waxing (i used my AVON bottle). I think this is def. necessary for soothing irritation and minimizing redness.
As you can see from the photos my eyebrows were out of control, LOL. It had been 3-4 weeks since i had them waxed at a salon. Also - these photos were taken before i tweezed and filled-in my brows so you could see exactly what it looks like after waxing. I am not a professional so obviously it will take practice because this is the FIRST time i have ever done this at home. However i think they turned out nice - my brows naturally need to be filled in so thats the gaps you see.
Overall i am soooo glad i purchased this! I have been wanting an at-home waxer for a long time but the ones sold at Sally's Beauty were too big and i would never need something like that just for one person. However, i may go there and buy some sticks and other supplies for waxing. If you're tired of paying for waxing at salons you need to go pick this up! It can be used on face and body and you have control over everything! Definitely something i would recommend.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume

I have been obsessed with this perfume for the last 2-3 years ever since my husband purchased it for me for Christmas one year. It came with the eau de parfum, a shower gel, and body lotion for about $80.
The notes are Egyptian jasmine, Italian mandarin, patchouli.
The scent is very flirty & floral and a tad bit fruity. It definitely not super potent and too strong, but its strong enough to last a long time and smell amazing.
I have smelled alot of perfumes and i used to own TONS but ever since purchasing this I have never found one that i like better than Miss Dior Cherie! Its a really incredible smell - very modern and sophisticated. I really think any girl would love this. PLUS my husband finds it intoxicating so thats even better! LOL Definitely recommend this perfume. It comes in various sizes and prices.

NOTD: Essie Dive Bar + Gold Crackle

This is an old NOTD, but a few weeks ago I grabbed my new Dive Bar polish and when i was done i LOVED it but i thought it would look cool and grungey underneath of Sally Hansen's Antiqued Gold Crackle Overcoat polish.
Dive Bar is actually opaque with one medium-thick coat but i chose to do two thin coats to make it more even.
Swatches, w/o crackle
1 coat AVON Lemon Fortifier as base
2 coats Essie Dive Bar
Swatches, with crackle
1 coat AVON Lemon Fortifier as base
2 coats Essie Dive Bar
1 coat Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold Crackle Overcoat
1 coat Seche Vite topcoat
I love these two shades together. They're really not 'summery' but they'd be perfect for fall and typically i dont stick to seasonal trends anyway, lol, i just do whatever i want. My husband actually liked this NOTD alot too surprisingly.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio for Green Eyes

I purchased these eyeliners yesterday at CVS. They are regularly $12.99 for the eyeliner sticks, $11.99 for the cream gel liners, and they come in four shade combinations: green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, and blue eyes. I chose the Green eyes set.
very pigmented
stays put for several hours
smooth and creamy
trio's pair well w/ their intended eye color
with all 4 sets together you have 12 eyeliner shade options
also come in gel liners
cute packaging
cheap: 3 liners for $13 which is roughly $4.30 per liner and cheaper than most other single drugstore liners alone.
can be worn alone
I love these. They went on so smoothly and stayed put which is a dream come true. They didnt fade or smear into my water line or any other areas of my eye and they were actually hard to remove so you know they have great staying power. I love the fact that they've paired 3 liners according to eye color b/c it makes purchasing them so easy. Next i want to get the Hazel and Brown eyes sets and possibly try some of the gel liners.
Have you tried these? What did you think of them and which set did you buy??

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wet N Wild Nutty Eyeshadow

This little Wet N Wild single eyeshadow is sold for $1.99 at most drugstores. They don't come in very many shades but the ones they have are great quality. This particular shade is Nutty.
Nutty is a supposed dupe for MAC Satin Taupe - I do also own Victoria's Secret Private Beach eyeshadow which is sorta similar (but with a pink undertone). They obviously arent exact dupes, but IRL they are really similar and if you like the VS Private Beach eyeshadow ($10) check out WnW Nutty ($2) instead.
available at alot of drugstores
Nice lid or crease shade
Packaging is minimal and sleek
I love all of Wet N Wilds single, 8 pan, and trio eyeshadows. I have never been disappointed with any of them and i dont imagine i will. I know alot of people assume WnW is a 'cheap' brand because of their prices and ill admit some of their stuff isnt so great but the eyeshadows are amazing

Friday, August 19, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer

I got this beautiful bronzer from Holly Ann in an amazing Thank You Package she sent me a few weeks ago. I was so excited when i unwrapped this because I had been wanting to try it for a very long time!
smells amazing!
nice light bronze finish which is great for my pale skin
has a little touch of pink in it
packaging is soo cute!
comes with a brush
can be worn sheer or deep
I looove the smell (it may bother some people) but i wish it lasted longer!
Price, almost $13 each. Thankfully i got this one from Holly but some people may not want to pay the extra money although it is def worth it.
I have been wearing this nearly everyday since i got my package in the mail, i really love it! Im considering checking out one of the blush's also. Im sorta new to Physicians Formula products but out of everything i've tried the past few months im very pleased! Thanks again to Holly for sending me this wonderful product! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swatches: 3 China Glaze Crackle Glaze Polishes

From L to R:  Latticed Lilac (lilac), Oxidized Aqua (blue), Cracked Medallion (gold), Latticed Lilac (lilac)

I received these beautiful crackle polishes from Pang in a recent giveaway she held so i wanted to show you all the swatches i promised!
1 coat Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
2 coats Essie Marshmallow
1 coat each - Oxidized Aqua (blue), Cracked Medallion (gold), Latticed Lilac (lilac)
Arent these awesome!?! They definitely work better than the shimmery Sally Hansen Crackles and even better than OPI Silver Shatter. One thin coat does the job and the best thing i like about crackle polishes (especially these ones) is they seem to make your manicures last alot longer. I dont get chipping or tip-wear and i can wear a mani for several more days.
So what do you think? Which shade is your favorite?? I think i like Oxedized Aqua the best! Thanks for reading :)

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

I bought this EOS shave cream when it was new in stores at Walgreens for $2.99 about two months ago. I have been using it on my legs and under-arms and i like it alot (although i like my Alba shave cream better).

This cream has the consistency of a typical shave cream but it doesnt lather - its more like a thick lotion. You need 2-3 pumps per leg which seems like alot to me, but it works well enough. It moisturizes and makes legs smooth before & after shaving. The scent is pomegranate raspberry - but to me it smells like watermelon, lol. Overall this is cheap as far as most shave creams go and deifnitely worth the money. I also like that it has a pump-style bottle. So convenient.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sorry for the lack of comments...

If i have not responded to your comments, let me first thank you for reading & commenting on my posts! And i apologize for not visiting your blogs more often and commenting on your posts as well.

As many of you know i am pregnant with my 2nd child. My daughter is about to start school, there are many doctors appointments for me, and the "morning" sickness is really hitting me hard. Most days i find it difficult to do anything without being nauseous and i also have zero energy. I hope you'll understand my lack of comments and such but i have queued posts for you to make sure i am still keeping up with the blog and giving you something to read!

Thanks for following :)

EOTD: AVON 12-in-1 Look #1

This is the first EOTD i've created using my new AVON 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette. It comes with twelve shimmer/metallic shades that range in tons of different colors, a sturdy case, and it's only $13.99! This also happens to be the same EOTD i wore to HP7 Pt. 2 last month! I am so sad to see the Harry Potter movies end :( I have read all the books a few times and seen all the movies a lot too.
The movie was amazing by the way!!!
  1. Apply a primer like UDPP to lids.
  2. Sweep the jade green shade (#1) into creases.
  3. Shade the bronze shadow (#2) all over lids and along bottom lashline.
  4. Highlight browbone and inner corner with the pearly white shade (#3).
  5. Apply a green eyeliner to water lines - i used P.F. Shimmer Strips stick liner in Green.
  6. Apply a black liner thinly to upper lashline - i chose P.F. Eye Booster in black.
  7. Coat lashes with black mascara - i chose Rimmel Extra WOW Lash.
Soon i'll be posting swatch comparisons of this AVON 12-in-1 palette to the Urban Decay naked palette as i have found some shade dupes! The green in this EOTD did not show up well on the camera but IRL it was definitely noticeable. Hope you liked this! Thanks for reading :)