Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 115 Ivory

I bought this Fit Me foundation in 115 Ivory at Walgreens a couple weeks ago for roughly $8. Everytime i had almost bought it before, i decided against it in the end because NONE of the shades matched me well enough. However, i decided to try it anyways =\
My skin tone is pale with olive undertones. So typically i need a yellow based foundation - not pink. Unfortunately this Fit Me is pink toned. *Everyone i talked to said it looked great and matched my skin fine but i dont think so LOL
My current foundation is CoverGirl TruBlend foundation in Classic Ivory. Its the perfect shade for my face and has blendable minerals + a pump bottle, which i love.
Maybelline Fit Me
very lightweight
blends easily
feels soft on face
medium coverage
sleek packaging
comes in TONS of shades
has SPF 18
too pink
super runny
no pump
If you check out Photo #3 you'll notice that the Fit Me shade is super pink toned and more runny compared to my CG foundation - both are shades of Ivory - both are the 2nd lightest shade in each of their collections. I dont hate the Fit Me foundation.... it blends well and covers great but i feel like when i put it on my face and neck dont match - the shades are off. I cant buy the lighter shade of Fit Me (theres only one more) because its TOO light for me. I am going to attempt to use this more, maybe mix it w/ a moisturizer or another foundation to even out the color but if it fails i will not be buying Fit Me again.


  1. I like the Fit Me foundation but I must say that I would like it even more if it came w a pump.

  2. I have the powder but im not impressed.. :(

  3. I agree with Jazmin, it's so messy without a pump :(

  4. I love the fit me foundation! I don't know why but I prefer bottles without a pump. I think the pump wastes product! lol.

    xoxo, nykki