Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet As Candy VS Walking On Eggshells

As you can see from the photos these two Wet N Wild trio's are pretty similar so i thought i would do a review on them! They are both $2.99 at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens. These two particular trio's are Sweet As Candy and Walking On Eggshells.
Photos, L to R:
1. Both palettes closed side-by-side
2. Both palettes open side-by-side, Sweet As Candy (left) and Walking On Eggshells (right)
3. Swatches side-by-side, with and without flash
4. Sweet As Candy
5. Sweet As Candy swatches
6. Walking On Eggshells
7. Walking On Eggshells swatches
- As far as formula goes they're identical: all of the shadows in both trio's are smooth, pigmented, and soft.
- The shades are similar but not exact dupes. 2 pearly highlight shades, 2 chocolatey brown crease colors, and 2 pink/champagne lid colors. In the pan they look very close but when swatched you can def. tell a difference.
- The Sweet As Candy crease & lid shades are slightly darker. Lid shade is more pink than the Walking On Eggshells lid shade which is a salmony champagne color.
- When it comes to the highlight shades the Sweet As Candy highlight is a pearly white where the Walking On Eggshells highlight is a cream shade.
- The Sweet As Candy crease shade is a tad darker than the Walking On Eggshells crease color. Both are variations of chocolately browns.
I love both of these trio's but I seem to reach for Walking On Eggshells alot more often because the champagne shade is more universally flattering than the pink lid shade from Sweet As Candy. Both are great deals for $2.99 each!


  1. love the sweet as candy colours!

  2. The Walking On Eggshells is my togo eye look. Love it! Im goin to c if I can also get the other one too.Thankyou for the info.

  3. Interesting comparison and great swatches, thanks! I think Walking on Eggeshells would suit my complexion better (: