Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before & After: Sally Hansen Simple Spa At-Home Waxer

I have been wanting to try this new portable at home waxer for face & body from Sally Hansen ever since i saw some TV ads about it a few weeks ago. I received a coupon for $3 off in my email, and coincidentally i also received $4 in Extra Bucks, and $5 in Beauty Rewards from CVS around the same time so i knew i had to go pick this up!
This retails for $20.99 which is a great price in my opinion (with or without coupons). You get a lot of wax, wood sticks, and complete instructions. The waxer itself is small and compact and very travel friendly - the cord winds up into the bottom for easier storage/travel. I needed a tiny amount of wax for my eyebrows, which is the only area i plan to use this on, so the tin of wax included in this will last me a VERY long time!
Portable, small so its easy to store
Comes with almost* everything you need
No cotton strips needed, just pull wax off
Wax has no smell
Works amazingly well (a few hairs were left but even that happens at the salon)
Easy to find - most drugstores already carry it
Cheaper than salon quality waxers
Great for at home
Can be used on face AND body
Wax tin that is included is more than enough!
Wax tin fits tightly into heater
Outside of heater doesnt get super hot
Took almost 40 minutes to heat up (instructions say it takes 25)
Smallest wood sticks aren't small enough for eyebrows, they need to be thinner
*Doesn't come with a soothing oil for post-waxing (i used my AVON bottle). I think this is def. necessary for soothing irritation and minimizing redness.
As you can see from the photos my eyebrows were out of control, LOL. It had been 3-4 weeks since i had them waxed at a salon. Also - these photos were taken before i tweezed and filled-in my brows so you could see exactly what it looks like after waxing. I am not a professional so obviously it will take practice because this is the FIRST time i have ever done this at home. However i think they turned out nice - my brows naturally need to be filled in so thats the gaps you see.
Overall i am soooo glad i purchased this! I have been wanting an at-home waxer for a long time but the ones sold at Sally's Beauty were too big and i would never need something like that just for one person. However, i may go there and buy some sticks and other supplies for waxing. If you're tired of paying for waxing at salons you need to go pick this up! It can be used on face and body and you have control over everything! Definitely something i would recommend.

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