Monday, August 1, 2011

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

I hate this foundation. The only positive things about it is the packaging and the fact that its a little lighter on skin than most foundations - otherwise i HATE it!

thin, sleek packaging
feels lighter than some other foundations
smells nice and fresh

made me break out
very sticky on my face
face looked oily in less than 2 hrs
light coverage - i need medium
price - $15.39 each
hard to use w/ a brush or hands b/c its so thick and sticky
looks cakey if too much is applied
has too much of a pink undertone, which doesnt suit me
stained shirt collar
just hated the way it felt in general

I barely applied any of this, it was a very light layer of foundation and it was stll so gross and sticky feeling. I despised the way it felt on my face and as i said within 2 hours i had a super oily face and was ALREADY breaking out!! Just the worst foundation i have tried in a very long time, not to mention its super price. Its the only $15 drugstore foundation i could find - not very cheap.

I WOULD NOT recommend anyone buy this foundation. Its terrible.


  1. Where do you live that makeup is so expensive? I bought the same kind for $7 here. I didn't like it that much, it made me break out too. I just need something to not break me out!

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