Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 2011 Favorites!

Hey everyone! These are my July 2011 monthly favorites! Some are repeats from last month but its only because I love them so much and im still using them on a daily basis. I hope you like everything ive chosen for my favorites and i cant wait to see everyone elses!
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AVON 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette
    This palette has 12 beautiful shimmery/metallic shades (but none with full on glitter) and NO matte shades. It has a great shade range and even has 3 dupes for Urban Decay eyeshadows in it! Ive been using it a lot since i purchased it a couple weeks back.
Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation
    I love this foundation! It has a beautifully whipped texture and the cap has a wand attached so you can get the product out easier. Its about $3 per bottle which is super cheap, it has a great finishes, blends perfectly, and is super light weight!
LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids Perfume
    Holy COW this stuff is amazing! I love anything from LUSH that has the Honey I Washed The Kids scent (scoop, massage bars, bath bombs, etc) but this perfume tops them all. Its definitely VERY sweet and seductive but natural at the same time. Its like slathering yourself in honey and chocolate. Mmmm.
E.L.F. Matte Lip Color in Natural
    Thanks to the lovely Holly Ann i finally got to try this product and it quickly ended up being my all-time favorite lip color! It glides on smooth, doesn't dry out my lips, and looks very, very natural on me. Great product!
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer
    Another awesome product from Holly Ann! This is a super light bronzer w/ a cute little pink blush heart and it smells awesome! It has a light floral scent that i love and the finish is very silky and pretty.
AVON Nail Experts Cuticle Balm
    I have a few favorite cuticles creams/balms but i have been using this one more than others for some reason lately. It has a light floral/lavendar-ish scent, its incredible creamy but never greasy, and absorbs quickly. My only complaint is that the lid is super hard to get off :(
E.L.F Coral Nail Polish
    Hellooo this is so gorgeous! This was given to me by Crystal Nichols in a giveaway she held recently and i absolutely adore it! Its a peachy-pink polish with golden shimmer and its perfect for Summer. Not to mention its only $1 and is opaque in almost 1 coat.
Essie Marshmallow
    Finding a good white polish is so hard! They're usually very chalky and harsh looking but Marshmallow is not like that at all. It has a soft glow and even thought it takes about 3 coats to be opaque its totally worth it! Such a beautiful white polish :)
Scunci No-Slip Grip Clear Rubber Hairbands
    These are rubber/silicone-like and definitely not your typical hair band. They're super sturdy and stiff but once you get them on they do NOT slip or loosen at all. These will hold a pony tail or bun ALL day long - seriously. They do come in other shades but my only complaint is that removing them hurts :( If you're not careful they can tug on hair.
Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, Penetrating OIl
    I am in love with all three of these products. I have thick hair w/ oily roots and dry ends but this line totally controls every aspect of my hair and makes it super smooth, silky, and shiny without being greasy or heavy. Deifnitely the best hair products i have ever used! I would recommend them to anyone! :)
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post and my monthly favorites! Please comment, like and follow! Photos are mine, do not use.


  1. im awing at your photos because the light box photos looks soo good!! =]

  2. Ooh nicee~ I always wanted to try the ELF nail polishes but because its so cheap, I'm afraid its not good... if its in your favorites then maybe I'll try it out ^^