Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WnW I'm Getting Sunburned Trio

This pretty Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio, called I'm Getting Sunburned, is the perfect Summer bronze goddess eye look (just like The Gilded Age trio!!). It comes with beautiful shimmery shades in iridescent pink, dark brown w/ golden shimmer, and bright gold.

I've used this trio several times since Summer started and i really love it! Although i do have to say its very shimmery and light reflective - this is NOT a matte look at all. If you need to tone it down just apply it lightly with a fluff brush or eye shading brush.

As always, Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio's are very pigmented, smooth, and soft! This is the MOST pigmented WnW trio i have ever used!!


  1. lol Oh no, I got this for you too! The swatches are so pretty, though. Glad you like it! :)

  2. I haven't gotten this one YET! The middle colo looks a lot a like, like the limited edition one

  3. @Huda - thats fine girl its my fault! lol i forgot i put it on your giveaway as an item i wanted. But to be honest i wont mind having a backup :)

    @Gordi - I like this one alot! You should try it.

  4. omg the gold one and the sparkly black ones are so beautiful!!!!! I so want this mini palette!!!!! I don't think it would be very appropriate for me though, unfortunately. Im only 13 and in 7th grade so maybe i can wear it to a school dance!