Friday, July 1, 2011

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit

I got this mini Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit in an exclusive set "Ready.. Set.. STAY!" ($26) which comes with this, Erase Paste in Medium, and a full size Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow and concealer primer.

Even though this is a 'mini' its actually only a couple ounces smaller than the full size Creaseless Creams and definitely still alot of product even though it looks small. Buying this set is an easy way to test out 3 of Benefit's best-sellers at a lower price.

VERY creamy
Smooth and pigmented
Doesn't crease
A little goes a very long way
Can be worn alone or under shadows
Can be worn sheer or opaque
Very portable/travel friendly
You can use your brush or finger to apply
Not too pricey, $19 (full size)
Comes in alot of different shades

I wish the 'mouth' or opening of the container were wider. When using my finger to apply I have to use my pinky because my other fingers barely fit.

When I applied this product with a brush it applied super sheer and shimmery (
no fallout) and when applied with my finger it was opaque. The product description says that this shade, Birthday Suit, is a 'brushed chrome' which would make you think its silver - but it isnt. Its more like taupe. However, i still like it ALOT. It seriously did not crease all day long underneath of my shadows and provided a very nice base color. Pretty much everything Benefit claims about this product is true!!

If you like cream shadows but dont want creasing or smudging, plleeasseee try these and don't waste your money on other products!! They are amazing!
*Photos are mine.


  1. This looks like a nice product, but I'm actually more interested in the Erase Paste! Have you done a review on that too, or...?

  2. What a beautiful color :) Could you see it under the shadows or did it just enhance the colors that you put on?

    <3 Sidd

  3. @Huda - The review for Erase Paste is coming soon! (within the next 3-4 days) :)

    @Sidney - I agree its def. beautiful. You cant see it under shadows though, depending on how light or dark they are. In my opinion it just enhances the colors more.

  4. wow! looks awesome!!! i want i want! would love to try it.. thanks for this post! i followed back.. again, thanks for joining my giveaway!
    keep blogging pretty mom!