Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Philosophy Caramel Apple

I purchased this huge bottle of Philosophy's Caramel Apple shampoo, shower gel, and body wash (3 in 1) at TJ Maxx for only $14.99 a while back!! Regular price is $20. I only saved like $5, but hey it was worth it! Philosophy doesnt come out with these 24oz bottles very often.
First of all this stuff smells amazing! Its exactly like a fresh dipped caramel apple. You can smell a slight hint of tarte apple, but mostly its a sweet caramel scent that i looove. Its totally delicious!
Very thick, rich, and creamy! It has a deep pearly burgundy shade and a little goes a long way. I need a quater sized amount on a bath pouf for my entire body, so a large bottle of this should last me a few months, at least. The wash is super creamy and makes tons of lather. I know it's a 3 in 1 but because i have oily roots i wouldnt use this (or any 3 in 1 product) in my hair out of personal preference. It is however an amazing body wash and bubble bath!! Very moisturizing!
Price & Size
$14.99 for this huge 24oz bottle does not seem bad at all to me considering a 16oz bottle from Philosophy costs $16. So, really, i got double the product for a dollar less!
Overall I think this was a good buy! Love the scent and formula, plus the bottle is huge and will let me quite a long time. Tj Maxx also had other scents in these size bottles so check em out!! *Photos are mine.


  1. I love Philosophy! Never seen this scent before, but the Coconut and Cream is absolutely to die for. I know what you mean about not wanting to use it on your hair, I find products that claim they're 3 in 1 should just be for skin anyway.

  2. Yes i agree. Even the best high quality 3-in-1 product are only good for body use in my opinion. I never use them in my hair.

  3. Gotta try this.. I'm using Clean & Clear's morning burst body wash in Pomegranate & Orange Zest and I LOVE IT! Smells soooo good!!!

  4. I had no idea TJ Maxx sold Philosophy. I can't wait to go there now, and hope that I see them there! Thanks for the info. It seems amazing!