Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation

I did not expect to like this foundation as much as I do, mainly because of how cheap it is and i typically can't find a Rimmel foundation in my shade. However, this new Clean Finish line, $3.97, is great and it has more shade options!
This foundation is very unique in the sense that it had a wand with a spatula on the end. This basically means you can scoop the product out as opposed to hitting it to try and get it to come out. In my opinion they probably added the spatula/wand because the foundation is very creamy and too thick to pour.
Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation
    - 100% poreless for a natural even complexion - Lightweight for a clean, fresh finish. - Vitamins A & E plus anti-oxidents - Fragrance free - Dermatologist testet
medium coverage - could be layered for more coverage if needed
blends like a dream
no streaky lines
powdery feeling finish - not sticky
feels great with or without a powder on top
"Ivory" matched my skin tone perfectly
spatula came in handy - i like it a lot!
worked well on my dry AND oily areas
long lasting
definitely evened my complexion well
didn't smudge or transfer off onto clothes or anything else
cheap! only $3.97 each
better shade range than any other Rimmel foundation line
did reduce the appearance of my pores
-I found that this is best applied with a dampened sponge instead of a stippling brush just because of the creaminess and the fact its a little thicker than a liquid foundation. The sponge also gave a more airbrushed poreless effect than a brush did. Some people may not like this but it doesn't bother me.
-It claims to make you 100% poreless. It definitely reduced my pores ALOT but did not make them disappear 100% so the only issue i have is that their packing sort of lies... a little.
I totally love this! I cant believe it! It feels so amazing on my face. I've only been wearing it for about a week but i want to call it my Holy Grail foundation already! (we'll see though, only time will tell) mainly because of the overall finish & feel. I am very pleased with it - especially the price! LOL This will most definitely be a repurchase for me in the future.


  1. Awesome review! I want to try this foundation ^_^ Thanks!

  2. If only rimmel decided to go cruelty free! Damn!

  3. @KawaiiBarbie - Thanks! I love it.

    @Carla - L'Oreal needs to be cruelty free also

  4. I'm glad you reviewed this :) I'm looking for a different foundation since the one I use is almost $12 (ew!). I'll check it out!

    <3 Sidd