Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting More From Your Eyeshadow Primer Bottles!

Im going to explain to you a simple way of how to get more product from your eyeshadow primer bottles (the ones w/ wands). We all know that at some point you've used up most of the product, but not all of it... yet you cant see the inside so you dont know just how much is left. Well, theres a super easy way to do it, just use tweezers to pull out the stopper!!!
Tools Needed
Primer bottle w/ wand (like UD Primer Potion)
1. Take wand out of primer bottle and set it aside.
2. Using tweezers beging to gently insert sides into primer bottle top around the stopper.
3. WEDGE the tweezers in between the sides of the primer bottle & the stopper.
4. Grab the stopper with your tweezers very firmly and pull out.
It may take a few tries and you might even have to pull super hard but trust me, it comes out eventually! Then you can start using your primer bottle again and get more product out!
So what does this change exactly? All this does is remove the thick plastic stopper that wipes excess product from your wand, it does not compromise your bottle or ruin it.
How does this help me?? Removing the stopper allows you to rotate and swirl your wand around the tube more freely to grab more product from the walls of the bottle and ensure you're not wasting any prior to throwing it away.
I hope this helped! I have used this method many times and it really works. Sometimes i have no idea how much product is left and it ends up getting me an extra several weeks of use from my primer. If you have UDPP or another primer bottle w/ a wand you should def. try this! *photo is mine.


  1. I've heard this once before a while ago, but I've yet to try out this method. I have a few different Urban Decay primers, and I've had them for a while, but it seems like I still have a lot of product left. When I feel like I'm not getting at all the product, I'll definitely try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I will definitely try this out! <3
    thanks hun.

    and be sure to check out my blog, and follow if you like.if you have the time! <33

  3. @Huda - You should def. try it when you think you're running low. I was amazed at how much more stuff i got from my bottles when i did this!

    @Loretta - Thanks! Ill check it out :)