Saturday, July 9, 2011

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup

I purchased this foundation the same day i bought the new Rimmel Clean Finnish foundation. They were both super cheap, this one was around $2, and i figured I wouldnt be loosing much if i didnt like either one of them so i grabbed them both! LOL
cheap, roughly $2
blends well
can be applied with a brush or sponge
has a nice consistency
long lasting
feels soft on my face
never sticky
stands up to humidity
the shade "Nude" matched me pretty well but could be better
Only available in 7-9 shades (i cant remember exactly) But because they're very blendable and skin-matching its not a huge issue.
Hard to get out of the bottle. This is a thick liquid foundation, it will not run out when you tip the bottle - you basically have to beat it out.
Overall this is a nice foundation - especially for the price. It felt light and soft on my face which i was happy about, and it definitely wasnt sticky. As i said the shade "Nude" matched me well but it would have been a little better. My only issue is that its such a pain to get out of the bottle! I had to beat it vigorously to get it out, it just wouldn't move. *I have to say i definitely love the Rimmel Clean Finish foundation ALOT more!
Have you tried this foundation or another NYC foundation? What do you think? Would you every buy one if you havent already?


  1. John Smith18/7/11 5:10 AM

    Thanks for sharing the product.

    Sleek Surgical

  2. Just purchased the nyc smooth and im excited t ,try it BUT my Rimmel lasting finish is at the moment my absolute fav and its gonna be tough to beat. I do like the affordability of the nyc one so wish me luck :)

  3. I have been using this for years. And it seems to get thicker! Still my favorite foundation though.