Monday, July 18, 2011

DUPES: UD Naked vs. AVON 12-in-1

Click any photos to enlarge them. I got quite a few private messages & emails the past couple days asking to see swatch comparisons of the AVON 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette vs. Urban Decay Naked Palette. These are not dupes for one another but i did find three eyeshadows in each palette that were very similar and could be dupes for one another separately.

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    ☑ Similarity's 
    Both of these palettes are roughly the same size. 
    Each come with 12 pigmented and smooth eyeshadows 
    AVON Shade #4 is a dupe for UD Smog 
    AVON Shade #7 is a dupe for UD Hustle 
    AVON Shade #12 is a dupe for UD Creep 
      ☒ Differences 
      AVON 12-in1- Palette is $13.99 
      Urban Decay Naked Palette is $49 
      Naked has almost all neutral/bronze/gold shades 
      AVON 12-in-1 includes a green, fuchsia, and blue shade 
      UD's shadows are slightly more pigmented

    Like i said, this palette is not a dupe for UD Naked but some of the shades are pretty close. If you want to see an almost 100% UD Naked dupe thats only $5 check out the E.L.F. Beauty Book in Neutral Eye Edition (click for swatch comparison). As far as which one i would recommend - thats up to you and it depends on your shade preferences.
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    1. To be honest I prefer the colors from Avon, not to mention I like the price awhole lot better :)
      I think I need to find someone who sells Avon ASAP.

    2. were these swatched with or without primer?

    3. @Tiffany - yea i like how the AVON one offers more shade variety and not just browns/neutrals. You can buy avon online without a rep at

    4. Wow, thanks for posting this, now I don't feel like I need to run out and buy the Naked palette as much. Me and my wallet thank you!

      Your newest follower - Meredith Jessica

    5. @Meredith - You're welcome! Thanks for following.