Monday, June 27, 2011

NYC Liquid Lipshine Swatches & Comparison

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A while ago i bought my first NYC Liquid Lipshine, which was Brighton Beach Peach. Since then i have bought 3 more so i figured i would show them all to you side by side for comparison. I have found these at CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, WalMart, Kmart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar.
NYC Liquid Lipshine
Brighton Beach Peach - Sheer peachy-pink shimmer
Prospect Pink - Bright pearly pink shimmer
Nude York City - Sheer pale nude shimmer
Wine N Dine - Deep plum shimmer
Price: $2.50-$3 each (comes in more shades)
All of these are a tad sticky, but only if you apply them super heavy. If you apply a sheer-medium amount they aren't very sticky at all. Pigmentation varys with shades which is nice because there's a gloss for everyone. Some are sheer, some are medium, and others are full coverage and give a lot of opacity. So depending on what you like, theres a gloss for you. Each gloss has a vanilla-caramel scent and a high shine finish as well as a straight flexible wand.
Overall I like these a lot but i really have no use for Wine N Dine, unfortunately. It's much to dark for me although it is a very pretty shade. I may try toning it down somehow or wearing it super sheer. We'll see. These are definitely worth the $2.50 i paid for them and i would highly suggest them if you're looking for a new gloss.


  1. Nude york city and Brighton beach peach look nice! I've never tried anything from NYC before.

  2. Ooh Brighton beach peace is very pretty~ Thanks for the review! I want to try them now~

  3. omg love these glosses purchase the beach peach i fell in love goin bk 2morrow to buy tha other shades kinda sticky and thick..ish but thats how i like my glosses totally reccommend...