Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LUSH Snake Oil

I purchased this scalp treatment bar from LUSH about a month or so ago and i've used it twice sense then. It claims to temporarily reduce and/or eliminate dandruff or itchy/flaky scalps. Its a little tricky and messy to use, but i've got 10 steps down to make it quicker and easier for you!!


  1. Section hair as if you were going to blow dry it. Secure w. clips or bobby pins. 
  2. Take the Snake Oil bar and sit it on a plastic bag or the wrapper it came in. 
  3. Heat the bar for 10-15 seconds with your hair dryer on high. 
  4. It will quickly melt, so run 1-2 fingers across the melted oil and apply it to scalp in-between your hair sections Try to avoid your actual hair as much as possible, ONLY apply to scalp. 
  5. Repeat step #4 until you feel that most and/or all of your scalp is covered in the treatment. You may need to turn your hair dryer on and re-heat the bar several times.
  6. Cover hair with a shower cap or towel and let sit for 20 mins or overnight.
  1. On high heat, blow dry your roots so the Snake Oil treatment re-melts. This will make for MUCH easier removal.
  2. Jump in the shower, quickly get roots wet with warm water.
  3. Apply a clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo to roots and massage really well.
  4. Rinse (and repeat if necessary) until you feel all the Snak Oil treatment is out of your hair. Apply a conditioner is you want, avoiding the roots.
Thats all! I know it seems a little lengthy but its only 10 steps in all, i just tried to be as helpful as possible. *A little warning: this stuff smells pretty gross. Its like very smokey burnt bacon (seriously!) but the scent does not linger in hair, so if you can tolerate it please give this amazing product a try!!

After using this a couple times i immediately noticed my scalp was less itchy and i dont notice flakes anymore. Its not a permanent fix, especially if you have particularly flaky scalp to begin with, but it helps for the time being. I would have to assume if used on a regular basis (1-2x per week), Snake Oil from LUSH would keep your dandruff at bay!

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