Monday, June 6, 2011

Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Soft Black

I was never really interested in this mascara but thanks to the 50%-75% Off CVS sale i got to try it for $5.25, instead of $10.49 regular.
soft black is a great alternative to browns when you want something dark, but not too dark
got it for 50% off
definitely lengthens and separates lashes well
not clumpy
sleek packaging
nice brush
has that weird floral smell some mascaras have - hate it
If it hadn't been for this sale i would have never purchased this mascara. As i said before, it just never intrigued me and it was always so expensive for a drugstore mascara. However, now that i have it i actually like it alot (apart from the smell) and it's one of the best mascara's i own for lengthening. I like to use it as a base for a volume mascara that way i get length + volume on my lashes.
Would i recommend it? Sure. If you prefer lengthening mascaras and want long lashes, try this! It also comes in waterproof.


  1. Thanks for sharing :) I will have to try it. My eyelashes are pretty full just not long so this seems perfect for me.

  2. It looks totally great on you! I hate the mascara smell too... bleh!

  3. @ Tiffany - You're welcome!

    @Val Thank you :) The smell is terrible why does a mascara need a scent????

  4. i have not bought a mascara in agaes!!! lol.

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