Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dream Angels Forever Perfume

I recieved a 'deluxe' sample of the new Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Forever Perfume a few weeks ago while doing a makeup haul there. I had a coupon to get it free, otherwise you have to pay $2 for it.

I dont know why they call these deluxe samples, i would have expected it to be bigger. Its REALLY tiny. Despite the size though, it smells nice. Its not something I would purchase a full size bottle of. It has a "mature" scent in my opinion, its not very young and fresh smelling. As you can see from the 2nd photo the main notes are Blackberry, Iris, and Amber. Its very fragrant and strong in my opinion. I like it... but i dont love it. It would, however, be something my Mom or MIL liked alot.

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