Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 Eyeshadow Primers Compared

Today i want to list the 4 eyeshadow primers i own, tell a little about each one, and then explain to you which is my favorite and why. This is a very lengthy review, sorry :\ lol.  I won't be comparing them directly, you can decide for yourself which one you would prefer according to the descriptions. Prices are for full size product, photos are mine.

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion $19
2. Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer $20
3. Benefit Stay Don't Stray $24
4. E.L.F. Eyelid Primer $1
5. NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone $7. (not pictured)

[[Product Descriptions:]]
Benefit Stay Don't Stray, $24 - 10mL, ❝This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and'll wonder how you ever lived without it!❞ 

My Opinion?? This is one of those nude tinted primers, so it doesnt dry invisibly but it does serve as a nude basecolor for shadows. However, i dont like it. Along with Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer, this also makes every shadow i own look chalky and matte (even shimmers), and i experienced creasing and oiliness within 4 hrs of use. This is also the runniest of all the formulas i own, and E.L.F. Eyelid primer comes in at a close 2nd to that. Its not creamy, more like a runny lotion consistency. So be careful when you pump it or you'll get way too much. Despite not working at all for my shadows, this doesnt do a half bad job at making my concealers stay put!


Urban Decay Primer Potion, $19 - 11mL, ❝Eyeshadow Primer Potion is coveted by makeup artists and makeup junkies alike because it guarantees more vibrant eyeshadow that lasts for 24+ hours and NEVER CREASES! Once you experience its powers (plus how smoothly it glides on – an added bonus) you’ll never want to live without it. Original formula dries down invisibly, while Eden, Sin and Greed are shades that can also be worn as shadows or highlighters!❞ 

My Opinion? Loooove this stuff! Not only does it dry invisible, zap any oiliness on lids, make my shadows stay put for 24+ hrs, but it also makes my shadows more vibrant too! No, the original formula isnt tinted, so it doesnt act as a base but if you want a base + primer check out their other shades. It doesnt get any better than this!! I own this in the bottle form w/ the wand, and the squeeze tube. Especially now that its in a squeezable tube form, its soooo much better!


Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, $20 - 2.5mL, ❝This revolutionary formula contains Phytomoist™, a plant-based hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisturization plus skin perfecting amino acids. Soft focus pearls help diminish the appearance of fine lines and discoloration on the lids, while the patented delivery system ensures effective results. Create the perfect canvas for shadow application with this ultra-luxurious lid primer. Just like our best selling, award-winning face primer, this vitamin-packed formula glides on and instantly smoothes and perfects lids. Wear it alone for a flawless natural eye or under any shadow to give it the staying power to withstand anything (even the occasional all-nighter). ❞ 

My Opinion? I dont like this very well. I know alot of people do, but honestly, turns all my shadows matte (even shimmer, satin, and metallic ones) and makes them all powdery/chalky looking. If you're using this for matte shadows only, this would be ok because it wouldn't effect your eyeshadow finish, but i wouldnt recommend using it with anything except matte's. I do experience a little creasing a few hours into wearing this, but it does act as a nice base color. Overall? Wouldnt purchase it if I were you. Also - im not sure if its only 2.5 mL (as opposed to UD and Benefit which are 10 and 11 mL) because it's super lightweight or what but the bottles are about the same size.


E.L.F. Eyelid Primer, $1 weight unknown, ❝Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. The ultra sheer nude color works to increase eye color longevity. The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear.❞

My Opinion? This stuff is just okay, nothing special. But i guess its what you would expect for a $1 product, right? Its pretty runny and not creamy like most eyeshadow primers and takes alot longer to dry. E.L.F. also sells a "Eyeshadow Primer" $3,  as opposed to this, which is an"Eyelid Primer". Not sure what the difference is between the two but this one isnt anything great. I dont notice it making my shadows brighter or last longer, and it does crease. Not sure it's even worth the $1, but i will use it until its gone so i dont waste my money.


NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone, $7 weight unknown. ❝Maximize the intensity, longevity and unashamed brilliance of your eye shadow statements with our eye shadow primer pots. Each of the three NYX Eye Shadow Bases—for vibrant, pearl or neutral tones—creates a smooth canvas for color, increases its durability and prevents fallout..❞

My Opinion? Ehhhh idk if this really does what it claims. This stuff definitely serves as a great base color but i still get creasing from it within a few hours and it does (like my other tinted bases/primers) have a tendency to make some shadows look chalky. My guess would be that the White Pearl shade would work alot better (maybe like UDPP?). If i could turn back time, i wouldnt have bought this particular shade. Its just OK formula wise.

The Verdict?
I've never found a primer that works better than UD Primer Potion so that will always be a re-purchase for me. (its also why i own 3, lol) It's been a long time since i owned the Too Faced primer so i cant really compare it to that but i loooove UDPP!! Overall, i guess i'd say if you're tight on money check out E.L.F or NYX, but if you can afford it definitely buy Urban Decay! The others are just a waste of money in my personal opinion.


  1. Great review! I love the UDPP and it will always be a favorite of mine, but honestly, I'm really liking the elf eyelid primer, which I recently just purchased to try out. It's not as creamy as UDPP but other than that, I don't notice too much of a difference yet. I like how you compared so many primers in this review, very awesome! :)

  2. I agree i will always be loyal to UDPP and after trying so many others i havent found one i like more than it yet. I think one of the main reasons i dont like the E.L.F. primer as much is because its so sheer and runny.