Monday, June 27, 2011

Wet N Wild VS. CoverGirl: Eyeshadow Comparison

Today i'm going to show you a comparison of 2 Wet N Wild shades form the Walking On Eggshells Trio, and 2 CoverGirl Single eyeshadow shades. I actually bought all of these on the same exact day and somehow didn't notice how similar they were before purchasing them, lol
❧ Wet N Wild Eyelid Shade (Walking On Eggshells Trio, $2.99) is a soft champagne pink shade. The color is pigmented, smooth, but just a tad bit powdery compared to CG Mink and i do experience fallout from it. Otherwise both shades are near exact dupes and the almost the same quality.
❧ CoverGirl Mink (Single shadow, $3.50) is also a soft champagne pink shade. This shadow is obviously a little larger than the WnW shade which comes in a Trio, almost $1 more expensive, but it is slightly better quality. The WnW shade, as i said before, is powdery but this one is not. Both would be good as an allover lid color.
❧ Wet N Wild Browbone Shade (Walking On Eggshells Trio, $2.99) is a light, shimmery pearl color. Once again soft and smooth, but not super pigmented. I dont find that this is powdery, like the Eyelid shade is in this Trio, and i do not experience fallout.
❧ CoverGirl Champagne (Single shadow, $3.50) is also a light, shimmery pearl. As you can see from the swatches the two shades are VERY similar except this CG shade is more pigmented and light reflective, and a little larger. Both would be good for highlighting.
All four shadows are nice quality, but the CoverGirl ones are just slightly better and more pigmented. However, you get 3 shades with the WnW Trio for $2.99, and only 1 shade w/ CoverGirl for $3.50 so there is obviously a price difference. In my opinion i would purchase the WnW Walking On Eggshells Trio again but probably would not purchase the CoverGirl single shadows just to save money. Im sure there is a CG equivalent of the WnW Crease shade, but i do not own it to do a comparison, sorry.
Also, CG Mink and the WnW Walking On Eggshells Eyelid shade are both dupes for MAC - All That Glitters AND Stila - Kitten incase anyone wanted to know. **Photos and content are mine.


  1. I can't even tell the difference. I love both shades so I'll be looking into purchasing the wet n wild palette.

  2. I don't own All That Glitters but I do own Kitten and I must say CG Mink and WnW Walking on Eggshells don't look very similar to it at all.

  3. Thanks for the comparison! I couldn't tell the difference, but I agree that the CoverGirl ones seemed just a tad bit more pigmented. The price difference is crazy, though lol

  4. thanks for the review - great to see comparisons xxx

  5. @Tiffany - I agree! Theyres basically no different except texture

    @Sugarbumpkin - Theyre a little more pink IRL and i dont have Stila's Kitten to compare it to, its just what ive been told.

    @Huda - You're welcome! I agree the price is alot different. Almost $4 for one CG shadow, or $3 for three WnW shadows? lol Ill take WnW.

    @Kristyb - You're welcome!