Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 2011 Favorite's

Ok everyone, here are my June 2011 Beauty Favorites! I compiled a list of several of the products i have used constantly and with a lot of frequency this past month and i'll quickly explain why i love each of them. Click the red links for information on the products and a lengthier review on my Luuux page.
    I have been wearing this everyday since i bought it in early June. I really wanted the perfume but it was sold out so i bought the body mist instead. The scent is very floral & fruity and just heavenly! Perfect for summer.
    I just reviewed this yesterday but ive had it for a few weeks. I use it a couple different ways: 1) As a base under my foundation, and 2) By itself for sheer coverage that evens out skin tone.
    I am soo glad i did this! It ended up being the PERFECT shade for me. This is a mixed foudnation i personally did for myself when i couldn't find the right foundation shade and had 1 that was light, and 1 that was too dark. This is ½ Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Ivory, and ½ L'Oreal TrueMatch in Porcelaine.
4. E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set
    I use this stuff a few different ways. 1) To set my makeup and control oil, 2) Sprayed lightly onto a sponge or brush prior to applying foundation to give that "dewey" effect, and 3) To apply shadows wet by spraying this onto my finger or a brush then swiping into the eyeshadow.
    Holy wow i love this for removing makeup! Its creamy, gentle, and effective. It removers even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Definitely a must-have from now on.
    Im always leery about trying new face moisturizers because i have combination-oily skin which is acne prone and sometimes new products can really irritate me. However, this does wonderful at balancing my dry & oily spots at the same time, while moisturizing, and controlling oil and shine too.
    This is the most subtle/light bronzer i have found lately. Because i'm so fair its hard to get a bronzer that doesn't look fake, but this definitely gives a natural bronzey-tan look to fair skin like mine. Its not too dark and it has SPF 15 for added protection. Love it!
8. CoverGirl Pressed Powder in Buff Beige
    I haven't done a review on this yet because it's basically just your typical pressed powder. I use my Ecotools Duo-Fibre Finishing Kabuki brush to apply this powder over top of my foundation to set it and buff out any lines or unevenness.
    OMG i absolutely adore this palette! I have used it nearly every day since buying it. Its literally perfect for that summer bronzed goddess eye look and it goes with many skin tones. I have created 3 different looks so far with this and im just obsessed with this palette.
    Best concealers i have ever used!! They dry super fast, don't budge, and give 100% full opaque coverage all day long. The soft green is perfect for covering redness and/or blemishes, and the skin tone is great for under eyes and everything else.
11. My Favorite Lip Combo - WnW Bare it All -&- NYC Nude York City
    This is like the perfect nude lip combo for me. I used Wet N Wild Bare It All lipstick which has a matte finish, and apply NYC Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City very sheer ontop of it. It gives me a beautiful nude lip that goes with any look.
    This lip gloss is soooooo moisturizing! It immediately makes my lips super smooth and silky plus it smells/tastes exactly like the soda Coca Cola. Very yummy.
    This mascara is amazing. It lengthens, separates, AND volumes really well. It's new to drugstores and isn't too pricey. Definitely a mascara i have used ALOT since purchasing, its great.
Thats it! I hope you enjoyed my post and my favorites for this past month. I use a lot of these on a daily basis and they are definitely staples for me now, especially for Summer. Thanks for reading. Please comment, like and follow! Photos are mine, do not use :)


  1. awesome favs! ^_^ I love WnW lipsticks!

  2. Clinique gel moisturizer is the best one for me I only used it on summer!!!! nice June Favs =)

  3. Wow~ Thanks for this wonderful favourites! Looks like lovely products for the summer <3

  4. awesome favs! i love clinique moisturizing gel- imma oily girl too!

  5. nice faves! I need to try the elf makeup mist & set and the covergirl aquasmoothers!

  6. great! love it! by the way im your new follower and i enjoy reading it! you can visit my blog too :)


  7. @KawaiiBarbie - Thanks!

    @Hunter - me too! :)

    @Tifuani - Thank you

    @Diane - thanks! I hate having an oily face.

    @Joann - Thank you! I love that the ElF mist has so many uses

    @Neelai - Thank you! Ill def. check out your blog.