Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CoverGirl Forever Fig

I bought this a couple months ago at CVS for under $2 thanks to their BOGO 50% off sale and my $1 off coupon. In the store this looked like a dark raspberry shade - in reality it's a medium purple. It has a sheen to it, but not shimmer or sparkles.
no fallout
true to color - shade in pan is the same as shade on skin
doesnt crease or smudge
easy to blend
cheap (approx. $4.50 regular)
alot of product
These single shadows need to come in more shades. There are tons of neutrals/browns and very little of anything else.
I wore this yesterday as a crease and outer corner color. I applied it super lightly because i didnt want a dramatic look and it turned out pretty nice. When applied lightly and blended well its a pretty light sheernpurple shade, when applied more heavily its a medium opaque purple.
Overall i really like this shade although i do have several colors like it. Like i said - in the store it looked like more of a raspberry shade and it isnt, so that was a little disappointing but otherwise its great. These CG Single Shadows are really nice quality, i havent purchased one that i didnt like yet.

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  1. I have this and I like it a lot too! unforuntaely, i don't find myself reaching for it often...