Saturday, July 16, 2011

AVON 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette

Monday i put an order in through my husband for some AVON eyeshadow palettes, this is one of them! I reviewed the other one, the Vibrant Spice Eyeshadow Quad, yesterday so check it out too!. He brought it home last night when he got off work. I was so excited to swatch it today and check out the quality because ive heard a lot of great things about it!
This is the AVON 12-in-1 Eye Palette. It's originally $13.99 but he gets it for $6.99 thanks to his 50% discount on all of AVON's beauty, bath, and perfume items. Every shade in this palette has a shimmer or metallic finish. There are no matte shades and they do not have names so im going to describe the shade the best I can……
Swatches from L to R:
gold champagne
bronzey plum
navy blue
jade green
The first 3 shades are somewhat sheer and would be best used as highlight shades, the others are very pigmented and have shimmery/metallic finishes. I did not experience ANY fallout when swatching. In my opinion all of them are beautiful and i really like the packaging for this palette! Plus it has two dual-ended sponge applicators that are secured in place by little notches so they wont fall out! This palette is a tad smaller than UD's Naked and if you wanted you could definitely switch out the two small applicators and add in 1 of your own eyeshadow brushes instead.
I think this palette is super versatile and im glad i finally decided to get it! What do you think? Is this something you would buy? For the quality and size this palette is definitely worth the $14 you'd pay for it. Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow you're lucky you get a discount!
    Me and my Mum used to get AVON products years ago, but then our rep stopped delivering them! Might consider ordering some stuff online in the future

    xxx Kat

  2. I'm an Avon rep and I've been seriously eyeing their eyeshadow quads especially the browns and the one called pink sands. I had a client who ordered them and they look so nice and I especially love Avon packaging it's so classy reminds me of chanel!

  3. @HelloKitty - I know! Its all thanks to my husband, lol. Buying online is easier than buying from a rep in my opinion.

    @Carla - I used to be a rep but i havent been for about 2 years. I have two of the quads and this palette, plus some older single shadows and i love them! I agree the quads do remind me of Chanels packaging.