Friday, July 15, 2011

AVON Ideal Shade Foundation Adjuster in Cool

This is a brand new product from AVON which adjusts your foundation shade to make it slightly darker, drop by drop. It comes in Cool for light skin tones, and Warm for dark skin tones.

As you can see from the swatch the AVON Ideal Shade Foundation Adjuster in Cool is a warm shimmery bronze color. It does not dramatically darken your foundation with one tiny drop. From experience one drop gives you one shade slightly darker. Add more drops for a darker shade. So its really easy to control your shade!

To Use:
  1. Apply a nickel-quarter size amount of your foundation on the top of your hand.
  2. Apply a tiny 1/2 pea-size amount of Foundation Adjuster beside or ontop of your foundation. 
  3. Mix the two together with your finger or a foundation brush.
  4. If its not the shade you want yet, add another tiny drop of Foundation Adjuster until you reach the desired shade.
This is pretty simple to use and very handy if you have a foundation that's just too light for you. As i said earlier this Foundation Adjuster does come in two shades for light skin tones and dark skin tones. I have never seen another company with a product like this, have you?

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