Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CoverGirl Aqua CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Fair/Light

I picked this drugstore tinted moisturizer up a few weeks ago on a whim. Ive always had the opinion you dont need a tinted moisturizer because technically you could just mix your favorite foundation with your favorite face lotion and there you go: tinted moisturizer!! lol. However, that wasnt working out so well for me. I needed something that was truly light and had a small hint of tint/coverage as well as SPF. It was less than $9 and comes in various other shades.

Who is it good for?
This particular tinted moisturizer from CoverGirl is in Fair/Light and has SPF 15. Its great for summertime because it gives you sun protection, light weightless coverage, and a healthier looking complexion. If you have normal, blemish-free skin this would work great for you as the coverage is very sheer.

Who is it not good for?
If you have alot of active acne and/or acne scarring a tinted moisturizer might not be for you. Itn will not cover your problem areas. It only slightly evens out skin tone and provides very sheer coverage. You could try covering spots with concealer first but chances are you're going to see the concealer under the tinted moisturizer because its so sheer.

What are the PRO's and CON's?
PROS - very light weight, never sticky, evens skin tone, makes skin look healthier, comes in 4 shade ranges
CONS - none so far!

I love this tinted moisturizer and its great for Summer. I dont use it if i have a breakout but any other time i use it instead of foundation and it works really well. If you're looking for a new tinted moisturizer don't waste money on high-end or pricier brands, check our your local drugstore in the CoverGirl section!


  1. Thanks for the info! I might have to pick this one up. You and I are the same shades :)

  2. I have noticed that too! Its a great drugstore tinted moisturizer.

  3. Love, love, love this stuff! I am a middle aged grandma with some moderate facial lines and it plumps up the skin around those problem areas, and even on my neck. It evens up skin tone, gives you a dewy look, does not cake or look mask-like. I hardly use foundation anymore for everyday...this is my go-to product instead.

  4. hey i am loving this product :) I am your new follower :) can you follow me back it will be fun to share each other posts :)