Thursday, August 25, 2011

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

I bought this primer 2-3 months ago at CVS for upwards of $14 (i cant remember the exact price). It comes in a nice glass jar with a wide mouth so its easy to get fingers in there. I have a love/hate relationship with this base, i'll explain below.
high quality packaging
definitely absorbs all oil and shininess from skin
doesnt make dry areas look drier
makes makeup last longer
makes skin feel very soft like silk
a little goes a long way, so one jar should last a while
packaging ensures you'll get 100% of it out, unlike tubes where some can be left behind.
Price is steep for a drugstore product but since it lasts so long its worth buying this rather than getting a high end one instead.
alot thicker than a gel face primer
a little hard to blend all over face
feels heavy on my face sometimes - but not super heavy, just a little
clogged my pores first time i used it and i did have a small breakout, but i havent had one since
You can see from the last two photos it is quite pigmented before blending (photo #3), and after blending it is completely invisible (photo #4).
To Use: When i apply this to my face i put a tiny dab on my finger tip and apply to small areas at a time then repeat the process until my face is done. I do not take a big glob and attempt to blend all over my face at once - it wont work this way for me. If i do that the product tends to stick to certain areas and it becomes hard to blend out.
The first time i tried this was in Walgreens, they had a tester out so i swiped a little on the top of my hand and i thought "OMG this is amazing!<" but i still held off on buying because i really liked my Revlon gel face primer (still do). This stuff definitely makes a nice matte soft base for foundation and will help them last longer w/o any 'melting' or wearing off but it does have its downsides. Im still not sure if i love it, or just like it a little but im going to continue to use it until its gone so i dont waste my money.


  1. I have this and I dont like it @ all. I agree with you its feels to heavy on my face.
    But I should give it a try again in the fall/winter time.