Friday, August 26, 2011

LUSH Cosmetics Haul!

This is definitely not my first LUSH haul, lol. After making this order i checked my online account with and it turns out i have made over 20 orders in the past two years. Not to mention a couple trips to the store (which is 2 freakin hours away!). My husband and I are both pretty addicted to LUSH. They dont just sell stuff thats really innovative and great smelling, but its also good for you AND the environment. If you have sensitive skin, like pampering yourself, or just like being eco-friendly this is the perfect store for you!
Usually when i do a LUSH haul i always pick up a shampoo bar, soaps, and shower gels. Since i have way too much of that stuff already in my LUSH Stash i decided to get some bath bombs, bath melts, and emotibombs this time! :)
Bath Bombs
  1. Hot Java -- this is a hot pink spicy bath bomb thats meant to warm you up and soothe your muscles. If you ask me it smells a little fruity and spicy at the same time (like cinnamon) and actually has real cinnamon sticks added in!
  2. Softy -- this is a light pink bath bomb scented like fresh flowers and its stuffed with real rose petals which will come out when the bomb dissolves! Its made with rose, ylang ylang, and lavender oils which give it it's great scent and soften the water.
Bath Melts
  1. "MMM" Melting Marshmallow Moment -- this cute pink bath melt is actually pretty large and smells very sweet & a little musky at the same time. Its really intoxicating and relaxing but the best part is that is SERIOUSLY softens your skin and makes your bath water like silk.
  2. Floating Island -- this is the same size and shape as MMM but its white and smells like lemon and sandalwood. Also very soothing and relaxing plus it does incredible things for your skin. Bath melts are amazing!
  1. Up You Gets -- oval shaped bomb meant for use in the shower. Just put it directly under the flow of your water and it will dissolve and become amazingly fragrant. This one smells like fruit loops (or Sexy Peel soap).
  2. Sex In The Shower -- this one smells very floral and pretty with a touch of fruit in there somewhere. Very sexy and seductive! I love this scent, i cant wait to try it. These are my first Emotibomb purchases :)
  1. Lemony Flutter -- i have a full size tub of this but i couldnt resist getting a travel size one for only $2.95 considering the big one is $13. This is actually a pretty decent size and considering a little goes a very long way with this product it'll be perfect for carrying in my purse. Smells like lemon sugar :)
  2. Ice Blue Soap -- minty and refreshing, this is a bright blue soap that cools the skin and gets it squeaky clean. This is more of a "manly" scent if you ask me but some women may like it. This was free.
  3. 13 Soap (Unlucky For Dirt) -- i have been wanting to try this for a while. Its an antibacterial soap that smells very clean like a typical bar of soap and is called the "cleansing herbal warrior" by LUSH. Made with fresh herbs and rose petal infusion. Also free.
Well thats it! I remember the first time my husband and I ever went into a LUSH store... we spent around $280, lol. It was pretty ridiculous but we got so many amazing things. All together this order cost me about $47 which isnt too bad because i can get multiple uses from everything except the two bath bombs. I like to break bubbles bars, bath melts, and emotibombs into 2-3 pieces and use them like that instead of all at once. You still get the same effect, you're just wasting less and getting more for your money :)
I seriously cannot wait to try out these products!! Thanks for reading! Check out my lush tumblr for tons of reviews done by me :)
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  1. Awesome haul :) I just did a Lush haul myself and it's only my third (my first was in January of this year). I'm not a bath person but all your goodies sound amazing!

  2. wow all of that for only 47 bucks! that is such a good deal! I lovee lush.. which it was cheaper for me

  3. I love lush- I use sex in the hsower all the time :D

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