Monday, August 29, 2011

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Fair/Light

I bought this foundation a few weeks ago at CVS. It's originally $14.79 but thanks to extra bucks and a coupon for this i got it for $8.79.
Fair/Light is the lightest foundation shade in the Custom Creations line, but you can actually dial-up 5 different shade combinations with this which i think is great. I always have a hard time getting a foundation that matches my skin because they're typically too pink for my light skin w/ olive undertones. This foundation, however, takes the guesswork out of shade matching!
I have my Revlon Custom Creations foundation dialed on #2. It's obviously just one step darker than Ivory but its about right for me ATM. Im sure once Summer is over and im a tad more tan i may be up to #3 or #4.
5 different shade combinations from one foundation
pump bottle
bottle mixes shades for you, obviously
even though you get 5 shade combos per bottle, their are still a few different bottles to choose from which gives you ALOT of shades
matte finish
not greasy at all
feels super light
medium coverage
$14.79 is a bit steep for a drugstore foundation but worth it b/c u get five shades. Buying 5 other foundations shades alone would be alot more expensive.
I would not recommend this for someone with dry skin, as the foundation has a matte powdery finish and may make you look even drier. (to fix this you could mix a squirt w. a bit of your favorite moisturizer)
Needs to have more product in it. I have only used this roughly 5x and there's only 3/4 of the product left already.
Overall i am loving this! Which is alot for me to say because i have so many issues with foundation. I have at least 6 in my makeup collection right now that i cant even use b/c the shade or formula is so wrong for me. If you have combination-oily skin & you like matte finishes this foundation would be GREAT for you!
● Tips For Applying Foundation:
If you have acne scarring, active pimples, or red spots/blemishes try mixing a pea-sized amount of your favorite foundation w/ a pea-sized amount of your favorite moisturizer and apply it to face like a tinted moisturizer.
Once it's on apply a green concealer to reduce redness, then a regular concealer - pat around edges once it's dry to blend into skin.
Next, apply your foundation as usual (i.e. with a brush, sponge, etc). Doing this gives me extra coverage when i have a hormonal breakout and zaps any redness.


  1. seems like a great product .. I should check this out :D

  2. Lisa Lewis24/1/12 2:13 PM

    I have the same type of skin and this is the first foundation I have ever LOVED! It covers all day and it evens out my red skin and its just great, complaint is that I seem to be only using the dark side of the foundation ...and wish the bottle lasted me longer.....also it is quite expensive. anyway if you know of any way I can figure out what the actual shade is called (so I could buy it alone in a bigger bottle) ...I would love you forever! please email if you can get this information for me :)

  3. Much love,