Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sorry for the lack of comments...

If i have not responded to your comments, let me first thank you for reading & commenting on my posts! And i apologize for not visiting your blogs more often and commenting on your posts as well.

As many of you know i am pregnant with my 2nd child. My daughter is about to start school, there are many doctors appointments for me, and the "morning" sickness is really hitting me hard. Most days i find it difficult to do anything without being nauseous and i also have zero energy. I hope you'll understand my lack of comments and such but i have queued posts for you to make sure i am still keeping up with the blog and giving you something to read!

Thanks for following :)


  1. That's understandable. Good luck with the pregnancy!

    I love your blog =)

  2. Ur bby comes first doll!!! I love ur blog too.