Saturday, August 6, 2011

E.L.F. Lip Stain in Heartbreaker


I bought this E.L.F. stain & gloss a couple weeks ago in a Kmart haul. I had been wanting to try them for a while and finally decided to do so. The shade i chose is "Heartbreaker" a nude peachy-pink but these come in more shade options as well.
To Use: Apply the lip stain to clean dry lips and allow to dry completely. When it is dry, apply the gloss ontop to seal.
lip stain is creamy and smooth
applies opaquely
dries quickly
i really like the shade
cheap, $3
long lasting
sleek packaging
Gloss is really sticky. Use one of your own balms or glosses instead.
Overall i really like this alot! It doesnt last quite as long as other lip stains I have (like the marker ones) but it lasts about 2-3 hrs without eating or drinking. After that amount of time it will fade a little so you'll just need touch-ups. Like i said - the only downside is the clear lip balm/gloss - its sooooo sticky! To fix this i just use one of my own. Im considering trying some of their other shades after im finishded with this one. Thanks for reading!
Have you tried these? Would you try them? I think theyre worth the $3.


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