Sunday, August 21, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio for Green Eyes

I purchased these eyeliners yesterday at CVS. They are regularly $12.99 for the eyeliner sticks, $11.99 for the cream gel liners, and they come in four shade combinations: green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, and blue eyes. I chose the Green eyes set.
very pigmented
stays put for several hours
smooth and creamy
trio's pair well w/ their intended eye color
with all 4 sets together you have 12 eyeliner shade options
also come in gel liners
cute packaging
cheap: 3 liners for $13 which is roughly $4.30 per liner and cheaper than most other single drugstore liners alone.
can be worn alone
I love these. They went on so smoothly and stayed put which is a dream come true. They didnt fade or smear into my water line or any other areas of my eye and they were actually hard to remove so you know they have great staying power. I love the fact that they've paired 3 liners according to eye color b/c it makes purchasing them so easy. Next i want to get the Hazel and Brown eyes sets and possibly try some of the gel liners.
Have you tried these? What did you think of them and which set did you buy??


  1. I have the set for brown eyes & love them! The only eyeliner I use. Great pictures & review.

  2. You have the most gorgeous eyes! And I super appreciate the swatches and the eye looks!