Thursday, September 29, 2011

Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent

A few months ago i read a review on this product by Mica G, a friend. Ever since i saw her post i had been dying to try this and one day in June i walked into Sally's Beauty Supply and to my surprise they had a brand new Palladio section!!

Price: $4.99

Size: 0.6 oz

Packaging: This comes in an adorable sturdy plastic box with a tight fitting lid.

Product: This is a translucent finishing powder but it also comes in two more shades for light and dark skin tones. Translucent is meant to suit all skin tones and types. I apply this with a duo fibre brush or powder brush after applying my liquid foundation to finish & set it.

PROS: Very affordable, doesnt feel heavy on skin, blends very well, no scent

CONS: May be hard for some people to find, only comes in 3 shades

Overall im pretty pleased with this and ive been using it all summer. It gives a nice matte finish to foundations and sets it so it doesnt budge, while reducing oily/shinnies at the same time. Definitely worth the $4.99


  1. Thank you for doing this post. I had been wanting to try this but haven't read enough reviews. Guess I will be picking this bad boy up.

  2. in Malaysia we call this as "Bedak Nyonya" i've try the liquid foundation during my childhood and the white powder too.

  3. Much love,
    "Thank you for the post :)