Friday, September 30, 2011

NYC Lip Sliders

This is another item i picked up at Dollar Tree for $1 a few months ago. I had been curious about the NYC Lip Sliders for a long time but i couldnt find them anymore!

This particular shade is Pink Sugar, a warm deek pink. It gives lips a healthy flush but isnt 100% pigmented so they color payoff isnt amazing.... however, it is a gloss and not a lipstick so thats to be expected. These are a tad thick/sticky and i have a feeling if left in a purse, car, etc where its hot they would def. melt.

Overall i'd give this a 7/10 if i had to rate it, but it was worth the $1 i paid for it.


  1. I like the swatch. Glad to know that it has a pretty decent quality :)

  2. Much love,
    "I really enjoyed the post!