Saturday, October 1, 2011

Neutrogena Build-A-Tan

I really wanted to love this when i bought this several month ago during Summer, considering it was nearly $15 a bottle at CVS. However, i just cant use it anymore due to the fact that it leaves me looking orange.
I am particularly pale but all the bottles i looked at of these are for every skin tone - no bottle specifically states it should be used on light, medium, or dark skin tones. It is a gradual sunless self tanner than can be used on anyone. (supposedly).
large pump bottle
has a nice light floral scent
moisturizes well
noticeable results in a couple hours
streaky, patchy
turns me orange
takes forever to dry
hard to blend
feels sticky while it dries
stains anything it comes in contact with
Overall, I would much rather use Jergens Natural Glow gradual self tanning lotion instead of this. It gives a more natural "browner" looking sunless tan instead of a fake orange shade. Before using this i exfoliated and cleansed myself thoroughly (each time) in the shower. While using this i spent TONS of time blending and blending to make sure there were no harsh lines or streakiness. However, it still happened every time. Even though i exfoliated well, if i let this lotion touch my knees it would turn them dark orangish-brown and there was a noticeable line where my wrist and the base of my hand meet. No matter how hard i tried to blend that line and fix it, it just got worse and worse. Not to mention i am 100% sure i covered myself well but some areas were still very light and others very dark. My husband and other family members pointed out to me that they could see the lines and "orangeish" shade on my skin. Very fake looking.
When using the Jergens lotion i have MUCH better results. It doesnt turn me orange, the lotion dries faster, blends better, and the results actual resemble a real tan even though it does take much longer.
I will NOT be buying this Neutrogena Build-A-Tan ever again!


  1. I agree. I think Jergens is much better, especially considering the fact you said this gives off one of those "fake orange tans" type of thing. That is so annoying with products like these!

  2. Much love,
    "Loving it <3