Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Collection: Nail Polish

I have well over 150 bottles of nail polish, which is pretty ridiculous! lol. That doesnt even include my nail art stripers, topcoats, basecoats, and nail treatments. Plus i have alot of fimo's and other nail art stickers/decals as well.
My Collection Includes:
Nicole by OPI
Sephora by OPI
China Glaze
Sally Hansen
Color Club
Sally Girl
Wet N Wild
Sinful Colors
Hot Topic
& more...
I paint my fingernails about 1-2x pr week and my toenails roughly 1x per month. For whatever reason my toenail polish never chips and it stays on forever so i can go long periods of time without repainting. My husband finds my nail polish collection really annoying, LOL. He thinks i have way too many and in reality - i do. I really have no need to buy anymore in the near future but chances are i will anyways, LOL.
Below are some basic nail care tips I use on a daily/weekly basis whenever i paint my nails. Hope they help! Thanks for reading :)
Nail Care Tips
  1. Using a gel or liquid cuticle remover & an orangewood stick, clean up cuticles 2-3x per month if you frequently paint your nails.
  2. Use an old or cheap angled eyeliner brush to do post-manicure cleanups. Dip the brush into polish remover and swipe along the edges of your nails to make even lines.
  3. To remove glitter polishes, soak a cotton ball in remover, place on your nail then wrap the nail in foil and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. When you take it off use the cotton ball to remove any excess glitter.
  4. Use a cuticle cream/balm everynight before bed or after every manicure! Cuticle health is directly related to nail health, so if you have bad cuticles your nails will most likely suffer too and be dry, brittle, weak, etc.
  5. To fix small smudges in freshly painted nails simply take an old eyeliner or eyeshadow brush, dip it in remover and very gently wipe across the top of the nail to smooth it out. You may need to reapply 1 thin coat of polish and/or topcoat afterwards.
  6. Choosing a good topcoat is incredibly important. I would recommend INM Out The Door or Seche Vite.


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