Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer in Golden Bronze


I got this in a giveaway that i won a few months ago from Pang!. I had never been interested in trying these before but im so glad she sent it to me because i ended up liking it alot and ive been using it all Summer.
Because im so pale its hard to find a great bronzer. But because this is super sheer and very natural looking, i find that it works great with my pale skin in Summer.
cute packaging
travel friendly, tight closure
great for light skin tones
VERY subtle shimmer, almost not noticeable
no scent
long lasting
natural looking
Brush isnt so great. Its tiny and does not pick up the product at all.
Product is super sheer (which is good for me) but others may not like that. You really have to build it up to see color.
As you can see this isnt much darker than my natural skin tone and thats what i love most about it. I can put a light dusting of this on my cheeks and they look naturally sunkissed as opposed to putting on a fake looking bronzer. Next to Physicians Formula Happy Booster, this is my favorite new bronzer!
Have you tried these? Would you try them? Thanks for reading :)
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  1. can you please review the happy booster? I wanna get that and Im a lot pale too!

  2. Much love,
    "You have a cool blog!