Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearasil Rapid Action 12 Hr Acne Scrub

I purchased this acne scrub about 2 weeks ago at CVS for around $8. Its expensive for a drugstore acne cleanser, in my opinion, but it does work pretty well to some extent. I wanted to try it for a couple weeks before i reviewed it for you.. so here i am!
*I have oily/combination skin.
scrub is not too harsh or too gentle.. its just right
makes face feel super clean
doesnt leave a residue
washes off easily
doesnt dry my face or make it tight feeling
exfoliates really well
2% salicylic acid
works quickly
Has a very light medicinal smell but its hardley noticeable. This may bother some people but i can look past it.
$8 a tube which is sort of expensive, but worth it.
Opening on the tube is large so ALOT of product comes out if you squeeze too hard.
This stuff does not completely rid you of acne in 12 hours - but it does reduce blemish size ALOT and it cuts the acne off from getting any worse. So basically after first use you're working towards clearer skin already and you know the breakout will not continue to get worse. Im pretty pleased with this even though the price sucks.
I purchased this because i had a breakout at the time thanks to a new face sunscreen i was using (boo!). I figured it would be the perfect chance to check this out since i had seen so many great ads about it and it claimed to significantly help clear up acne in 12 hours.
Have you ever tried this? Would you consider trying it?
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  1. Hmm I've seen this before but never tried it~ Thanks to your review I think I just might try it now! Looks good ^^

  2. Just bought it today! Hope it works for me because not alot does!

    1. Good luck acnesters

  3. Hmm this looks like it has potential to be in my life, hope I can find it in the UK! I'm a new follower, I love your blog :) x

  4. I have very oily skin, would this product work for me?


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