Friday, October 14, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Luuux Pack

I finally received my third Luuux order in the mail a couple weeks ago so i wanted to a review for you of my ordering experience/process and the products i received from the Benefit Cosmetics Luuux Pack which is 7,560 Luuux$ in the shop and can be seen by clicking the link. If you're unfamiliar with Luuux you basically upload your own photos & reviews, comment on posts, etc. which earns you points for free stuff.
Ordered: Sept.1st
Processed: Sept. 15th
Completed: Sept. 20th
Received: Sept. 22nd
= Total of 21 days
Overall the ordering process took a little longer than my other two previous Luuux orders but it wasn't terrible i guess. It took a total of 21 days from ordering to the day i received it in the mail. Just don't expect to get things ASAP. Luuux has to audit your account to make sure you've fairly earned your points and then they go ahead and place the order. However, after 2 weeks of no progression with my order i decided to email them and ask them if there was an issue or why nothing was happening, i didn't get a response but that same day my order was finally processed. So i guess sometimes you just have to reach out to contact them to make sure you're order goes through or it may take longer.
Benefit Cosmetics Luuux Pack
♥ Eye Bright Pencil
    Light pink eye brightener to illuminate eyes and mask darkness
♥ BADgal Lash Mascara
    Award winning mascara for your fattest, blackest, baddest lashes ever
♥ Bathina Body Balm
    Scented golden pink all-over body balm for beautiful glimmering skin. No shimmer/glitter.
♥ Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Lite
    Foundation faker that smoothes away pores and unevenness, oil-free, light coverage
♥ That Gal Brightening Face Primer
    A perky pink primer that goes under your makeup to smooth and brighten skin.
Sample of Girl Meets Pearl
Sample of The POREfessional Primer
Benefit Catalog
Overall im really pleased with this order as i expected i would be. I have tested the Bathina body balm, That Gal primer, and Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation already and they are definitely all high quality. I will do detailed reviews & photos on each product when i have given myself a fair amount of time to try them all out and develop an opinion.
Also i want to apologize for being MIA on luuux & blogspot for so long, not supporting my friends by commenting on their posts, or answering any comments/questions that have been left for me on my posts. Unfortunately i have been very sick and very busy :( Hope you can all forgive me, and when i start feeling better i will definitely do some catch-up.
    Photos and content are mine, do not use... Content copied from my Luuux page


  1. Oh woww that seems great :)
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  4. These products look so great! I didn't even know Luuux gave these out as rewards, I'll have to look into this!

    Can't wait for your reviews :) ♥

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  6. We love Benefit and are keeping our fingers crossed that we will get a job there next year!! Nice post!! xo