Sunday, October 9, 2011

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Holy cow!! I cannot describe how much my husband and I absolutely love this face mask! I saw so many people rave about it here on Luuux, and a couple months ago i was in Dollar General and i saw the bonus size tube for only $2.50!!! I was amazed at how cheap it was so i immediately grabbed some.
Scent/Color: A thick green paste that smells like spearmint.
To Use: Apply to a dampened face 1-2x per week, allow 15-20 minutes to dry, then remove with a warm wet washcloth. Or you can apply a small amount just to blemishes as often as needed.. remove the same way.
Quality: It's amazing!! Seriously! Even my husband is obsessed with this stuff. I typically apply it 1x per week, around my nose and chin it burns a little at first but that feeling quickly subsides. You dont need a thick layer - a thin one will do just fine. It dries to a light green and is very easy to remove with a warm damp washcloth. When i remove it and my face dried its baby soft and feels REALLY clean. I also use toner on a cotton ball and my fav. moisturizer afterwards. The best part is this stuff never dries me out! It makes my skin feel so amazing i want to use it everyday, lol. Definitely worth the $2.50, especially since i go the bonus size with 33% more product.


  1. this stuff really is amazing! i love it!

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