Monday, October 3, 2011

Revlon CustomEyes Mascara in Blackest Black

This mascara has a very unique wand! It has 2 settings which are controlled by the top of the wand (the part you pull out). Put it on setting 1 for Length & Drama, or set it to setting 2 for Length & Definition.

The swatches you see in the first photo are from setting #1 - Length & Drama. And just to be honest i found that both settings gave me good results, but #2 did have a much more defined look which i like, but i prefer volume and drama more - so thats why i chose to swatch #1.

My only issue with this mascara is the fact that it dries super quickly on lashes which can make adding more coats a little hard. It tends to clump sometimes however, it does not make lashes crunchy or stiff. They are still relatively soft and flexible.

It sells for roughly $8.99. The front of the packaging has a $2 Off Coupon that you can peel off and use at the cash register, plus i had $4 Off Revlon Mascara at CVS so i got this mascara for roughly $2.99 total!


  1. Wow~! That mascara looks good! With a single coat it looks so long already~!

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