Saturday, September 3, 2011

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Flame

A couple months ago i purchased this lip stain at CVS during a haul. I had been curious about them for quite some time and since i already owned a Maybelline ColorSensational Stain in In The Buff that i love i wanted to give these a shot!

marker tip is soft
easy to apply
very pigmented
very long lasting
balm is smoothing and soft
looks better than a lipstick or gloss
doesnt transfer, smear, or wear off
not too pricey

the swatch in the store made this look like a bright apricot or peach shade, its NOT
definitely need to come in more shades, all of them are dark or bright, no nudes

Overall i like this about as much as my Maybelline lip stain, except this one doesnt have a yummy fruity scent like the other one does, sadly. I will DEFINITELY be buying more lip stains! I love them so much compared to a lipstick or gloss.

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