Saturday, September 17, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Eyeliner Trio for Hazel Eyes

I gave into the pressure and finally bought a set of these gel liners. I have the stick form for Green Eyes, and these are the gel form for Hazel Eyes. I really loved the taupe shade so that made it easier on me when it came time to decide which set i would buy. These were $11.99 at CVS and So far i love them!!

Black w/ pink shimmer

VERY creamy and smooth
Super pigmented (those swatches are one swipe!!)
Comes in 12 shades (3 for each eye color)
Affordable - if you tried to buy 3 other drugstore brand gel liners, which are sometimes $8-$10 each, they would be a lot more expensive than only $11.99 for all three.
Customized to your eye color to enhance your eyes
You need the tiniest amount for a full application
Packaging is super cute
Once they dry they definitely stay put for a looong time
No wearing off or flaking

The brush is O.K. but not amazing. If you want a super thin precision line, don't use this one. Try an angled liner brush instead.


I seriously cant think of any real CON's to this gel liner trio! I was absolutely amazed when i swatched these so i used them in my EOTD earlier today and i am still very impressed! They have not worn off, flaked, or smudged at all! I really love the black because of the tiny pink shimmer in it (you can sorta see it in the swatch) and the taupe will get a lot of frequent use from me. The "pink", which is more lilac if you ask me, wont be used a ton but im sure i can find some sort of use for it!

Have you tried these? What did you think, and what eye color did you get them for?

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  1. I just bought the sticks, in hazel...i have green eyes but whatevs! I bought the hazel because I wanted the black with pink sparkle, and I wear purple all the time, because it does go really well with green eyes, and (yes even in the stick, that is NOT pink! I'll be glad to show them what PINK looks like because I have 50 pink lippies! ANYWAY..cvs has there pf with 5 dollars off (not bucks back just off) right now, and one of the cvs I went to also had a 3.00 coupon actually on there stuff, so if u want more (which i advised the ph formula lip gloss to anyone for the price u pay with that deal) now is the's basically 8 dollars off!

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