Thursday, September 1, 2011

NOTD: AVON Tangtastic and Essie Risky Business

I have had these two shades for quite some time but i never thought of putting them together. Tangtastic is a super bright hot orange (almost verging on red), and Risky Business is a bright orange shimmer (very sheer).
Photos, Top to Bottom:
  1. AVON Tangtastic (2 coats)
  2. AVON Tangtastic (2 coats) under Essie Risky Business (1 coat)
  3. Different angle to try and show shimmer
  4. Another angle, this time showing the bottom of the Essie bottle
Essie's Risky Business makes AVON Tangtastic look more orange that red and gives it just the lightest hint of shimmer. I actually like these two together wayy better than i like them by theirselves. Risky Business is SUPER sheer so it;s only good as a topcoat, and while Tangtastic is very pretty i just personally prefer it like this.

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