Saturday, April 2, 2011

AVON Shea Foot Souffle

I use to regularly buy this foot souffle from AVON until it mysteriously disappeared from the catalogs. Recently, my husband (who works at AVON Distribution as an Area Lead) brought home a catalog and I was so shocked to see this back in stock!! Its not the EXACT formula i use to buy,  but it seems to be better. They are sold online and through an AVON rep for $2.99 each. VERY cheap!!

The texture is heavenly.... very silky & creamy but light at the same time. And although these tubs are small at only 5 fl oz., they last such a loooong time!! It also has a soft scent that i can't quite put my finger on, but it isnt strong and definitely doesnt linger. This stuff leaves my feet feelings soft, supple, and hydrated. On my last AVON haul i bought 3 jars (should have bought more!). I hope they keep it around! Fortunately for me, my husband gets a huge discount and i purchased them for $0.99 each.

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