Monday, April 4, 2011

E.L.F. Lip Primer and Plumper

I purchased this nice primer & plumper duo from E.L.F. at my local Kmart about a week ago for $3. Once again, I was surprised by the fact that E.L.F. was the only drugstore brand I could find with a product like this (just like the Corrective Concealer palette).

Primer: This lip primer is sooo smooth and creamy. It's well pigmented but not so much that it will effect the shade/transfer of your lip color when on your lips. I did need replying after a few hours but it lasted much longer than i thought it would.

Plumper: This is a clear, cinnamon scented/flavored, lip plumper. Its VERY tingly and definitely makes your lips feel full and plump without hurting them (like DuWop's Venom does for me). I didnt see a super noticeable difference in my lip size, but they did look slightly fuller.

Overall, this was a good $3 purchase and I am pleasantly surprised by E.L.F.'s cheap, but good quality, products.

Clear lip plumper

Nude lip primer

 From L to R: Primer, and Plumper

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