Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LEISHI Pigments and Glitters

This is a large collection of my Leishi eyeshadow pigments and glitters, I bought them on ebay years ago (literally) and i hardley ever use them. They're really beautiful, pigmented, and light reflective but they are such a mess!!! It doesnt matter if you apply them with your finger or any style of eyeshadow brush, I always get major fallout. However, they were ridiculously cheap! Im pretty positive I paid $0.50 a piece for them at the time of purchase.

Some are still sold on eBay and shopmania.com for around $1.50-$2.00 each.


Glitters upclose


Pigments upclose

Some swatched pigments, you can see how shimmery and pretty they are :) One swipe of each color gives you almost full coverage.


  1. Omg i will buy these from u if u dont use them!

  2. I would like to buy one of them if you don't use it