Thursday, April 21, 2011

LUSH The Ex Factor Bath Bomb

WOW. I have had this bath bomb since a week or so before Valentines Day and have been late in trying it because ontop of not expecting much from it, i am a stay-at-home mom/wife and i rarely find time to take a hot bubble bath anymore. I was so pleasantly surprised by The Ex Factor!!

In my opinion it smells like baby powder, vanilla and lavendar, lol, which sounds like a very odd combo but for some reason thats what i smell. However, dont be discouraged by my description, lol, its amazing. The scent is very relaxing and soothing and it made my skin absolutely silky smooth, it was so awesome!!!

I have a 2-3 person jacuzzi tub so it takes tons of water to fill it up and in return the bath bombs dont color the water as richly as they would in a smaller/regular sized tub. I turned the jets on after the bath bomb fizzed out and distributed the awesomeness in my tub, lol. I so wish I had tried this earlier so I could have bought more before they were taken off of LUSH's website.


  1. I really enjoy Lush bath bombs. Also, I started getting Fizzbutter bath fizzies at because they are moisturizing bombs and they're only $3.29 for a huge size. This lets me feed my habit a lot more often than I can with Lush and they are just as good.

  2. I have never heard of fizzbutter, thanks!