Sunday, April 24, 2011

Image Essentials Eye Brushes

I purchased these Image Essentials brushes for $4.99 at Kmart a couple weeks ago. It came with a dual ended shadow & contouring brush, and a flat top eye brush. Which, just to be honest, I cant find the purpose for it.

The shadow & contouring brush comes in handy sometimes, although I already own the Urban Decay Good Karma brush, and an ECOTOOLS set too. My favorite is the contouring side. It's perfect for shading outer corners and seems to pick up and apply product well. The shadow brush is nice but a little short & wide for my taste. And as I said earlier, I cant find a purpose for the flat top eye brush.

Less than $5 is pretty cheap for technically 3 eye brushes, so overall I guess im happy with my purchase!

Eyeshadow brush

Contouring brush

Flat top brush

Image Essentials Brushes in packaging, Kmart $4.99

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