Sunday, March 20, 2011

CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation

I bought this foundation in Ivory about a week ago after having not so great results w/ another CoverGirl foundation. It took me a good ten minutes to figure out which shade would for best for me. I am pale w/ olive or yellow undertones and I often buy foundations that look right in the store, but end up being too pink. I have applied this using a sponge, and a brush but i prefer a brush everytime. The formula is thick and creamy, but not heavy or cakey. I cant even tell im wearing it.

When i use a foundation brush to apply it, i get better and more even coverage and although im using more product on my face it doesnt feel like it. When im done applying and blending my face is covered, even toned, and dewey looking like I have a fresh glow. I was also surprised at the staying power this foundation has, I havent noticed any wear or transfer (like rubbing off onto clothes). My favorite part is the pump bottle, makes everything so much easier. Overall it’s a great foundation, which is alot for me to say because i typically end up hating every foundation i buy. However, i will be re-purchasing this over & over.

What is your favorite Drugstore foundation??


  1. Revlon ColorStay all the way! haha. I can't wear dewy foundations because I'm already oily, it's so nasty! I dunno, I'm still on the hunt for my HG foundation though...sigh.

  2. I did a photo shot and one of the models brought this to me. i found that this was too pink for her she has a yellowy skin tone like u mentioned. once it was blended so had a bit more color but when i saw the pic after the photographer was done touching it up i could tell it didnt look right. Yay photo shop.

  3. Trinity Designs: This specific color was the only one that wasnt too pink for me, i ALWAYS have that problem! Hate it.

    Jenn: I also have some ColorStay makeup haha, i like it too but i bought a shade too dark and it looked a little funny so i use it for contouring. I am always on the hunt for my HG foundation lol I cant find the 'perfect' one