Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rimmel London "Stir It Up" Eyeshadow

This is Rimmel London's "Stir It Up" Eyshadow in #600 Whatever...

I bought this shadow at least a year ago, threw it in one of my makeup train cases and totally forgot about it. I dont even know if they're sold anymore to be honest. However, I wished i wouldve bought more!!

This shadow has a mix of several different peach, maroon, and pink shades in it that are all VERY shimmery and beautiful. They arent exactly super pigmented, but they're perfect for layering and can give you really bright 'fresh' eyes, or just a tough of shimmer for your inner corners... whatever you prefer. And yes, the name of this shadow is "Whatever..."

As you can see from the swatches, depending on where you rub your finger and/or brush is what determines the shades of shadows you will get. They usually turn out to look like a marbled mix of pinks and golds.

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